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From Zero to 60

Build Great Digital Experiences in the Financial Services Industry with Acquia Cloud Site Factory

Building a Great Drupal Team

The web has seen rapid growth over the last 15 years. In addition, specialization 
of roles and job definitions have increased over the last five years. Meanwhile, these shifts and changes make assembling a great technical team especially difficult. Employers in the field of web development are competing to attract the brightest talents.
To create a great digital experience with Drupal, you need a great Drupal team. In this eBook, we share our recommendations for building your great Drupal team.

Putting the Design in Responsive Design

Best Practices Guide
Designing your digital site for desktop or laptop, as well as tablets and smartphones within a single codebase, is called responsive design.
The promise of responsive design? A single, digital site optimized for devices with various screen sizes. With so much information and so many content types, communicating key messages effectively is a challenge. This ebook provides best practices to consider while thinking through your redesign.

5 Strategies for Unifying Content and Commerce

Closing the Content and Commerce Integration Gap
The game has changed for retailers and brands online . Consumers can forge their own unique discovery path through innumerable digital sites and platforms,
with limitless options for finding product information and reviews on sites that offer lower price points . In the midst of this digital disruption, organizations are looking to regain control of the brand discovery experience.
To remain competitive, brands need to deliver unified and engaging content, commerce, and social experiences at the pace of the web.

The Cloud Revolution

IT Adapts as Hosted Solutions Redefine Tech Roles
Today, cloud computing not only has changed how data is stored, but is permanently altering the role of information technology; IT professionals are using the current upheaval to define new roles, to explore new territories, and to push their companies in new directions .
In this ebook, we’ll look at IT’s new role in business strategy and introduce you to the practitioners and thinkers who are taking advantage of the cloud revolution to redefine their careers and the role of IT.

From Zero to 60...

Build Great Digital Experiences in the Life Sciences Industry with Acquia Cloud Site Factory

Can Your CMS Handle Success?

UK Central and Local Government Edition
To be successful today, an organization must keep up with web-savvy digital natives who switch seamlessly between devices, channels, as well as their work and home personas. The objectives of cost efficiency and innovation might appear to be at odds, but the right choice of CMS can mean that your organization can have its cake and eat it too. This eBook provides some insights and recommendations into how to select a CMS that meets your needs.

Building Success on Acquia Cloud: Buyer's Guide

Buyer's Guide Evaluating Application Development and Hosting Options
You have options. Options for how your site is developed, and how that customer experience is deployed. The next-generation hosting solution must not only be the service for hosting an application but also the environment in which to build that application. You must weigh the benefits and drawbacks of your options: do it yourself (DIY) with an on-premise solution, DIY with a hosting provider, or utilize a PaaS solution pre-build for your needs.
This eBook is a buyer's guide to outline what you should consider when evaluating DIY versus PaaS solutions.

Can Your CMS Handle Success?

CMS Selection Guide: High Tech Edition
With mobile and digital becoming the center of the marketing experience, responsive design and personalization shouldn’t be afterthoughts; they should be the only thought. Being able to tailor content and differentiate web design based on the current needs and preferences of the consumer is essential.This ebook provides some insights, recommendations, and tips for selecting a new CMS that can assure that your digital experience has the right stuff to keep the consumer engaged until they are ready to contact a salesperson.

Building Success on Acquia Cloud

3 Reasons to Make the Move
Today, staying ahead of the competition requires a great digital experience that can grow to meet the ever changing needs of the public. The platform you build on must enable you to keep pace with the speed of the web and innovate with ease. Acquia Cloud is the most scalable, reliable, and secure hosting platform and is optimized for Drupal—the most agile content management language for building great digital experiences.

Can Your CMS Handle Success?

CMS Selection Guide: Higher Education Edition

Introduction to Agile: Software Development at the Speed of the Web

The Agile methodology is an evolution in the software development process that enables software teams to move from the conventional waterfall model to something much more dynamic. It eliminates the “waiting” that teams experience in the waterfall model to allow various moving pieces to interact while one phase is going on. Collaborative efforts, successful planning and execution, and flexibility to tackle project and changes head on are all promoted through this approach.

Can Your CMS Handle Success?

CMS Selection Guide: State & Local Government Edition
The doctrine of open government, or opengov, holds that citizens have the right to access the documents and proceedings of the government to allow for effective public oversight.

Can Your CMS Handle Success?

CMS Selection Guide: Media & Entertainment Edition
Today, the success stories in media, entertainment, and publishing sectors often do not originate from traditional sources. Successful books and videos have emerged directly from the Internet or have been propelled to success by online social communities. In order to compete successfully today, media organizations must have a CMS that can provide the content engine for smartphones, tablets, and other vital platforms, as well as be able to integrate into the multiple worlds of social media.