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Content Management

The open source CMS at the core of world-class digital experiences.

Use Drupal for everything from corporate websites to e-commerce, mobile apps, digital signage, portals, AR/VR, IoT, and beyond.

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increase in digital orders


reduction in cost to build a new site


reduction in time to market


reduction in maintenance costs across all sites




Leading the Pack

Acquia named a leader in Content Management by G2

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Acquia’s Starter Kits For Drupal

Build Drupal Apps Faster

Whether your Drupal projects are traditional, headless, or hybrid, Acquia’s Starter Kits have you covered. With three starter kits to choose from, reduce your time to market by up to 50%.


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Enterprise Low-Code Starter Kit

Create and control Drupal layout and display with Site Studio

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Community Starter Kit

Greater autonomy over Drupal layout and display built from community projects

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Headless Starter Kit for Drupal

Optimized for a headless environment and user friendly for frontend developers


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Low Code Drupal Site Builder

Launch On-Brand Pages Quickly

Enable anyone within your organization to create and publish brand consistent Drupal pages. Leverage reusable components to build digital experiences that magnetize users at every stage of the customer lifecycle.


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Launch Websites Faster

Use a drag-and-drop interface to build pages with reusable components and templates

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Deliver Brand Consistent Content

Ensure the content your team is creating follows all brand guidelines and creates a branded experience across your digital landscape

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Enable Anyone In Your Organization

All users within your organization can deliver pages quickly without reliance on your development team

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Overcome Content Chaos

Connect Content & Brand Identity

Put content at the center of the digital experience,  from creation to distribution, and create a consistent, on-brand experience across digital channels for your customers.


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Organize Structured & Unstructured Content

Organize content models, types, and taxonomies to reuse content, blocks, fields, and digital assets across all channels

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One Asset, Many Channels

Resize assets depending on the context, create content components and reuse across all channels - update once, publish everywhere

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User Governance

Set up roles and permissions to ensure users are authenticated using your organization's security policies with Enterprise SSO


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Personalized Experiences at Scale

Customer-Tailored Content is King

Deliver targeted content to your customer segments on any channel. Choose the right content to drive higher conversion rates at every point in the customer journey.


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Boost Conversion

Real-time adaptive targeting refines segments while A/B testing keeps audiences engaged with content that resonates

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Localize Content

Translate your content to the correct languages with Multilingual Personalization 

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Tailor to Audiences

Use Anonymous Targeting to personalize content by browser conditions, location, or third-party variables


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Build Content With Customer Data

Create Personalized Experiences Effortlessly

Building personalized experiences is hard. Personalized experiences require assembly. With Acquia, capitalize on the metadata that’s created during the process of experience assembly and automate the categorization based on the assets used to assemble the experience.


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360º Customer Profile

Build data-based customer profiles and give teams tactical customer knowledge in real time

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Audience and Campaign Management

Create, execute, and manage both online and offline campaigns. Advanced segmentation, marketing automation, and dynamic personalization utilized by technical and non-technical teams alike

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Machine Learning and Predictive Models

The most robust offering of OOTB models, clusters, and recommendations. Zero-code, transparent models for rapid time-to-value and increased operational efficiency

Drive Better CX With a Composable CMS

Learn how cross-functional teams are using a composable CMS to drive innovation and better customer experiences.



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Drupal: Your DX Foundation

Drupal and Acquia can help you build and personalize customer experiences across a constantly evolving digital landscape.