How to Measure Your DAM ROI

What's Covered?

What's Covered
  • Learn how to search and share time savings
  • Read about asset fulfillment savings
  • Hear more on asset creation and repurposing savings
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See how Widen customers calculate the return on their DAM investment


A digital asset management (DAM) solution helps organizations achieve a range of outcomes, from streamlined workflows to enhanced brand consistency. But how are these benefits quantified in terms of cost savings?

In this guide, we outline three proven approaches to measuring the return on a DAM investment, in terms of:

  • Search and share time savings

  • Asset fulfillment savings

  • Asset creation and repurposing savings

We also share how several Widen customers, including Alliance Laundry, Fanatics, and McCormick, use these models to justify their investment in Widen.