5 Ways to Prepare Your Digital Experience Strategy for a Recession

What's Covered?

What's Covered
  • Strategies to implement to prepare for an economic downturn
  • The most valuable types of data to pay attention to during this time
  • How to make confident decisions about marketing plans
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Just as most people are looking for a brighter post-pandemic future, we now see a series of worrying economic indicators: Global inflation is high, the stock market remains volatile, and banks have raised interest rates.

In the face of uncertainty like this, what’s a marketer to do? What strategies should digital and customer experience teams implement to ensure their organization remains on solid footing in case there is a downturn?

In this e-book, we walk you through specific things to do (and to avoid) to help bolster your digital experience and navigate a potential recession. You'll learn about:

  • Lessons from organizations that have weathered past downturns
  • The metrics to pay attention to when deciding where to invest your efforts
  • How to stay competitive
  • The importance of maintaining the long view


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