Success Stories from Higher Education: Building the Next Generation of Digital Experiences

What's Covered?

What's Covered
  • Why Drupal is the most popular content management system (CMS) in higher ed
  • The challenges colleges face in delivering exceptional digital experiences
  • Digital transformation success stories from nine different institutions
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While no two educational institutions have the same exact needs, all are expected to provide top-notch digital experiences across channels and devices. Plus, these experiences must be tailored to a host of different audiences — including current students, prospective students, their families, faculty, administrators, and alumni — each with their own unique needs and requirements. 

The question higher education leaders face, though, is how to do this with their available funding and in-house resources. 

Enter Drupal, which is used by 71% of the top 100 universities to power their digital experience initiatives.

In this e-book, we outline stories from nine different colleges and universities that are relying on Drupal to power their transformative approach to digital experience management for the 21st century. You'll learn why a digital experience platform with the openness, flexibility, and composability of Drupal has become such a game changer for technology leaders in higher education.

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