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Multisite Management

Site Factory

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The best centralized platform to quickly build, manage, and update a portfolio of sites.

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Build & Manage All Applications

Site Factory gives your team the power to create and control sites for multiple languages, campaigns, regions, and brands. Assign role-based access restrictions, build site templates for future use, and deploy new sites fast — all without saying a peep to your dev team.

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One Place to Build, Manage, and Control Content

Use Cases

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One Central Platform

  • Manage all digital experiences 
  • Launch new sites in minutes by cloning or template reuse
  • View, monitor, and manage everything in one place


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Built-In Governance

Empower teams to create better digital experiences

  • User-based roles and permissions so teams only have access to their responsibilities
  • Automate maintenance by pushing updates across the entire site portfolio


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Support When You Need It

  • Support from Acquia’s Drupal experts
  • Routine maintenance and troubleshooting


Superior Customer Support

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Own and Control Your Code

Make the changes you need, when you need them

  • Make updates to all sites from a single codebase
  • Maintain ownership and control of your codebase, Acquia handles all monitoring and related services
  • Own multiple codebases through Factory Stacks


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See for Yourself

See how easy it is with Site Factory to manage all of your digital properties from one interface, while maintaining control and security. 

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MARS Testimonial

This customer testimonial from MARS shows how Acquia helped to relaunch their entire corporate brand faster than previously possible.

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Acquia Named a Leader in Digital Experience by G2

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Winter 2024 G2 Review Badges

One Hub to Rule Them All

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Deploy Content at Scale

With a centralized management console to view all sites from one place and deploy site updates all at once across all sites.

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Fully-Managed Platform

The Acquia team fully manages the platform to ensure it is performing at its peak with 99.95% Uptime SLA for all your sites and many other aspects, users can rest assured their platform is managed.

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Governance at Scale

A portfolio of compliance standards to meet the needs of a variety of industries.

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Multilingual Content Creation

Localized sites on a global scale as we offer a world of multilingual capabilities that help you build and run sites internationally.

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Low-Code Site Creation

Free up critical development resources by working with a library of pre-built templates to add critical speed to your development process.

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A variety of security offerings to support your multisite experience, including platform audits, vulnerability scans, and automated security updates.

Case Studies

See Site Factory in Action

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12 Sites

launched in 3 months

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$15 million

saved over three years

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reduction in development time

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Additional Resources

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Resource Center

Discover E-Books, Data Sheets, & more.

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How To Build Brand-Compliant Sites At Scale


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The Hitchhiker’s Guide To Drupal DevOps


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From an infrastructure standpoint, Acquia [Digital Experience Platform] allows for the scaling during extreme traffic increases fairly seamlessly.


Director in Engineering

Marketing & Advertising Company

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Site Factory Features
Site Factory Deploy Content at Scale
Centralized management console to view all Drupal sites.
Centralized management console to view all Drupal sites.
Configured Drupal distribution, with contributed and custom modules of your choice to build, provision, and operate groups of websites.
Ability to use multiple codebases with Factory Stacks and multiple installation profiles.
Roles and Permissions: define, group, and manage content and website functionality, policies, and standards based on digital experiences, locations, and organization structure.
Within minutes, clone an existing site and use it as a template for a new site(s).
Deploy site updates once, across your portfolio of sites, eliminating IT's backlog and support costs.
Fully Managed Platform
99.95% uptime SLA for all your sites.
Elastic infrastructure to meet and exceed your performance expectations.
Security and compliance as a service across your portfolio of sites.
Single sign on where users can sign in once to Site Factory to sign in to all of them. This helps reduce the number of accounts and passwords they have to keep track of.
Performance monitoring to understand and optimize CMS performance with data from every layer of the technology stack at your fingertips.
Multiple stacks allow you to develop and share multiple Drupal distributions with dedicated infrastructure to independently manage groups of digital experience websites.
Multisite governance allows you to define, group, and manage content and website functionality, policies, and standards. Websites are built, delivered, and managed from the same and different Drupal distributions.
World-class Drupal Support
Access to Acquia support, providing you with professional Drupal support and guidance, even for custom CSS. Accounts are also entitled to support tickets, where they can have one-on-one private support conversations.
Dedicated Account Management trained to assist with any and all needs as it relates to Drupal and Acquia products.
Solution planning & implementation support to help plan and implement solutions for any issues you run into.
Security as a Service
Automated security updates w/teams to advise and schedule the updates you need.
Vulnerability scans that provide timely identification, triage, and resolution of security vulnerabilities.
Platform security audits and updates including security event log storage , monitoring of security alerts, analysts ensuring integrity of cloud systems.
Governance as a Service
FEDRAMP Certified, details on authorizing agencies can be viewed in the FedRAMP Marketplace.
PCI Compliant ensure the protection of cardholder data in accordance with PCI-DSS version 3.2.
HIPPA Compliant including HIPAA Security Rule and HITECH for electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI).
ISO 27001 is the globally recognized security standard driven by the implementation of information security management system.
SOC1 & SOC2 provides coverage to support the financial reporting requirements of International organizations.
GDPR compliant a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy in the European Union.
Federal Education Records Privacy Act is a multi-layered cloud security controls, configurable permissions, and built-in backups and disaster recovery.
Multilingual Content Management
Localized Sites on a Global Scale as we offer a world of Multi-lingual capabilities that help you build and run sites internationally.
Low-code Site Creation
Free up critical development resources by working with a library of pre-built templates to add critical speed to your development process.