Achieving Success With a Streamlined Tech Stack

What's Covered?

What's Covered
  • The advantages optimizing and unifying your organization’s tech stack
  • Pain points that keep organizations from achieving connected user experiences 
  • Technology consolidation success stories from eight Acquia customers
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A bloated tech stack often gets in the way of itself. Naturally, this translates into problems for your teams, customers, and bottomline. Streamlining your tech stack is the first step toward eliminating redundancies, unifying your teams, reducing costs, and saving your users from headaches caused by disjointed infrastructure that impacts their experience.

A consolidated tech stack isn’t merely culling digital tools; it’s a strategic effort that will be reflected in external and internal improvements. The digital experiences you serve your customers ultimately hinge largely on the technologies you use to serve them. Integrating those technologies to align with your business goals, customer journeys, and digital channels will holistically improve your organization’s technical operations and customer engagement. 

This e-book features eight Acquia customer success stories that highlight different approaches to tech consolidation that were all effective in different ways. 

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