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The Secret to Successful Digital Transformation? Let Your Customers Lead

I know, I know, you’ve heard this all before: Every enterprise needs to undergo a digital transformation. Great digital experiences are necessary to win, serve, and retain customers. Personalized omnichannel experiences are the new table stakes in a highly competitive, digital-first world. My Twitter feed is jammed every day with a stream of eternal truths like this. You get it. Everyone gets it. But here’s what too many enterprises don’t get: Shifting from current digital state to future digital state is hard. It requires a balance of expertise, culture, and technology. And, it requires a... More

Acquia Partner Profile: Phase2

At Acquia, our partners are an incredible part of our success. In this series, we’ll be profiling some of our premier partners, showcasing who they are and what they do, in their own words. We spoke with Frank Febbraro, CTO and one of the founders of Phase2. Phase2 is a recognized leader in open technology and has designed and built some of the most trusted websites in the world. Through their partnership with Acquia, they continue to utilize their expertise in digital transformation to deliver essential solutions to their... More

Marketo Connector Now Available for Acquia Lift

Omnichannel is no longer an option; it’s a necessity for brands to sustain a competitive advantage. To help our customers easily and quickly deliver a piece of the omnichannel experience, Acquia has built a connector between Acquia Lift and Marketo. With this pre-built integration—available at no extra cost to Acquia Lift omnichannel customers—marketers and site builders can augment their web data with campaign data to create segments and deliver personalized web experiences. Acquia customers can easily... More

State of Drupal presentation (May 2016)

DrupalCon New Orleans comes at an important time in the history of Drupal. Now that Drupal 8 has launched, we have a lot of work to do to accelerate Drupal 8's adoption as well as plan what is next. In my keynote presentation, I shared my thoughts on where we should focus our efforts in order for Drupal to continue its path to become the leading platform for assembling the world's best digital experiences. Based on recent survey data, I proposed key initiatives for Drupal, as well as shared my vision for building cross-channel customer... More

5 Steps to Keep Traffic on Your Website

Most articles about audience development and search engine optimization will offer advice on how to find, attract, or drive traffic to a website, but how many talk about how to hang onto that new traffic? Not many that I’ve found, and I’ve been looking. So here are some things I’ve learned over the course of my career in web marketing. Yes, retaining new traffic means first finding and enticing it, but once you’ve got it, the metrics to watch are bounces, time on site and exit rates. These metrics are rough indicators about the quality of the site’s content and if the site satisfies the needs... More

D8 Module of the Week Recap: simpleSAMLphp Authentication, Coffee, Monolog

DrupalCon New Orleans is in full swing and we’re back to recap another three modules from our Drupal 8 Module of the Week series over on the Acquia Developer Center blog. This week we’re taking a look at simpleSAMLphp Authentication, Coffee, and Monolog. simpleSAMLphp Authentication Maintainers:... More

Choosing the Right Digital Experience Provider

Guest blogger Adam DeGiorgio is a Director at Salsa Digital, an Acquia agency partner. Adam was Salsa’s very first employee back in 2003 and has spent most of his tenure as Managing Director. Recently, he moved into a relationship management role to spend more time working with clients, his true passion. This is part one of a three part series. Salsa is the go-to agency for enterprise grade digital services without the rigmarole or price tag of the larger players. We're a small team that has tailored our software development skill-set to suit the digital world, and crafted a Drupal... More

Drupal Helps Make Open Source Software the Rule, Not the Exception

More than 3,000 people are in New Orleans for North America’s 2016 DrupalCon, an energetic hub of education, knowledge-sharing and business focused on open source Drupal software. DrupalCon isn’t just an homage to Drupal; it’s proof of the massive success and continued acceleration of the once-radical idea that many hands can contribute to software that anyone can freely use, modify, and build upon. In Drupal’s case, hundreds of... More

The Meaning of Content: Just a Utility, not Royalty

In the marketing world, buzzwords reign supreme. Often they are words that have already existed for years that suddenly become trendy, and then are used incessantly throughout the industry until they eventually lose all real meaning. One the best examples of this is the word “content.” Content is everywhere. It’s king, it’s queen, it’s the entire royal family and it’s the key to success! It’s even in my title. It all sounds so exciting. However, the word “content” simply means any and all information on a website. It’s the flashier lead generation material, it’s product descriptions and user... More

How a Marketer Built a Drupal 8 site in 1 Day

When I decided I was going to start my own blog of course I wanted to build the site myself. I used to be a pretty technical person previously in my career, but the last time I built a Drupal website from start to finish was with Drupal 5 way back in 2009 for my accountant’s website. Today I manage eight corporate websites built by an engineering team, focused on their performance, optimization and design to support the goals of the business; all of which is very different from building new ones from the ground up. Going into this project I had a general idea of which files belonged where in... More

Acquia Partner Profile: Avionos

At Acquia, our partners are an incredible part of our success. In this series, we’ll be profiling some of our premier partners; showcasing who they are and what they do, in their own words. For our first partner profile, we spoke with Dan Neiweem, co-founder and principal of Avionos, responsible for the Acquia partnership, customer success, and growing the Avionos brand. Avionos is a digital consulting and cloud services firm focused on delivering outcomes... More

Acquia Asia Pacific Partner Summits 2016: A Recap

Over the last few years, there has been a significant increase in the adoption of enterprise Drupal in Australia. As Acquia continues to expand its presence in the Asia Pacific region, it has become increasingly important to build and maintain relationships with our partners. The Acquia Sydney Partner Summit brought together more than 75 partners in attendance to learn, network, and engage with colleagues. Attendees represented a diverse group ranging from independent Drupal developers and digital agencies, to network agencies... More

Video: Can we save the open web?

In March, I did a presentation at SxSW that asked the audience a question I've been thinking about a lot lately: "Can we save the open web?". The web is centralizing around a handful of large companies that control what we see, limit creative freedom, and capture a lot of information about us. I worry that we risk losing the serendipity, creativity and decentralization that made the open web great. While there are no easy answers to this question, the presentation started a good discussion about the future of the open web, the role of algorithms in society, and how we might be able to... More

Thunder, a Drupal distribution for publishers

Earlier this month, the international media group Hubert Burda Media (about 2.5 billion annual revenue, more than 10,000 employees, and more than 300 titles) released its Drupal 8 distribution, Thunder. Thunder includes custom modules specifically tailored to the needs of professional publishers. This is great news for three reasons: (1) I've long been a believer in Drupal distributions, (2) I believe that publishers shouldn't compete through CMS... More

The Challenge of Keeping Software Up to Date, and What Happens if You Don't

The public release of client records hacked from a Panamanian law firm’s web site have led to headline revelations that heads of state and public figures allegedly took advantage of Panama’s banking secrecy laws to hide their assets. According to a report published at Forbes.com, the law firm’s site alleged to be the source of the leaked information, ran on Drupal -- specifically a site running an old, unsecured version of Drupal 7 (any version prior to 7.32.) The... More


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