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D8 Modules: Responsive and off-canvas menu, Display Suite, Media Entity

Drupal 8 continues to gain momentum; in fact, Drupal 8.1 is already available! More and more modules continue to be migrated over from Drupal 7 and we’ve been chronicling them — along with other Drupal 8 news — on the Acquia Developer Center blog. Let’s take a look at Responsive and off-canvas menu, Display Suite, and Media Entity... More

The long path to being understood

I sent an internal note to all of Acquia's 700+ employees today and decided to cross-post it to my blog because it contains a valuable lesson for any startup. One of my personal challenges — both as an Open Source evangelist/leader and entrepreneur — has been to learn to be comfortable with not being understood. Lots of people didn't believe in Open Source in Drupal's early days (and some still don't). Many people didn't believe Acquia could succeed (and some still don't). Something is radically different in software today,... More

Building a content maintenance strategy: Don’t be a Hoarder

Having a content management system (CMS) in place for my website means that I don't have to worry about maintaining my content right? Not exactly... and when you get down to it, content maintenance is something that you need to actively plan for. The CMS that you have in place is just a tool that allows you to input, create, format, and collaborate on content, and then delivers that to your website’s visitors with varying degrees of targeting and personalization. If Content Management is about developing and delivering content, then Content Maintenance begs the question: who manages and... More

Developer Relations Part 2: Collaborating With Internal Technical Experts

As the counterpart to sales, marketing is fast-paced and cutthroat. It’s not enough to hit your numbers; marketers want to “crush” them. Marketers, by nature, are often aggressive, fond of hyperbole and hype, and can come off as overly-ambitious; all of which usually works when selling Ginsu Knives and Sham-Wows, but can backfire when it comes to “developer marketing.” Developers — and that includes the ones inside a tech company who create the products and services you are tasked with promoting — have just as much disregard for... More

Ask an expert: Top SEO Questions Answered

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an essential part of any digital strategy, so I decided to ask an expert — Keith Vera from DeltaV Digital — some direct questions that may help you with your own SEO plans and strategy. Kate: Hi Keith. Tell us who you are please. Keith: I have been in the digital marketing space for over twelve years. I’m based in the Washington, DC area, and have spent most of those years working for, and with, smaller digital agencies. I’ve been lucky enough to have had the opportunity... More

Microsoft buys LinkedIn: the value of data

In my latest SXSW talk, I showed a graphic of each of the major technology giants to demonstrate how much of our user data each company owned. I said they won't stop until they know everything about us. Microsoft just bought LinkedIn, so here is what happened: By acquiring the world's largest professional social network, Microsoft gets immediate access to data from more than 433 million LinkedIn members. Microsoft fills out the "social graph" and "interests" circles. There is speculation over what Microsoft will do... More

Developer Relations Part 1: Writing for Developers

“Developers as a group have proven immune to the majority of traditional software-marketing approaches. Marketing to developers requires a very different approach, and in many cases marketing as it has traditionally been known is simply impossible.” - Stephen O’Grady, The New Kingmakers As a content marketer, a key part of my job is understanding the various audiences that come to Acquia with different informational needs. The challenge is more than how to write for them, but understanding their interests. What... More

Migrating and Distributing Content with Acquia Content Hub

Guest blogger Adam DeGiorgio is a Director at Salsa Digital, an Acquia agency partner. Adam was Salsa’s very first employee back in 2003 and has spent most of his tenure as Managing Director. Recently, he moved into a relationship management role to spend more time working with clients, his true passion. This is part two of the series. Content management between multiple sites can be a challenge. When working with a large legal firm to deploy their “Graduate” family of sites after... More

How to build a developer audience and why it matters

We ran into an interesting problem on the web team here at Acquia because we have two very distinct audiences that don’t overlap. This split audience of visitors to acquia.com caused us a bit of an identity crisis conflict for our main marketing website. If we tried to create content for one audience we started to dilute the other and visa versa. It was also hard for the users in either audience to easily find the content that mattered to them because their user paths and goals were very different. Our two audiences are (1) business users looking for a CMS platform and (2) web developers who... More

Web Metrics a Digital Marketer Should Care About

To be successful in digital marketing -- heck, all marketing -- you need to be data driven. I look at different types of metrics on a daily basis, but I have a core set of metrics I look at weekly, monthly, and quarterly, and wanted to dive into why I look at these and how these same metrics might help you and your strategy. Let’s dig in. Tools I Use The key tools I use are Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager... More

Demandware acquisition heats up the customer experience market

The battle for the marketing cloud just got way more interesting. This week, Salesforce announced its acquisition of Demandware for $2.8B in cash. It will enable Salesforce to offer a "Commerce Cloud" alongside its sales and marketing solutions. The large platform companies like Oracle and Adobe are trying to own the digital customer experience market from top to bottom by acquiring and integrating together tools for marketing, commerce, customer support, analytics, mobile apps, and more. Oracle's acquisition of Eloqua, SAP's acquisition of hybris and Salesforce's acquisitions of... More

Analytics Now Available In Acquia Lift

"Data! Data! Data! I cannot make bricks without clay!" -Sherlock Holmes Delivering personalized experiences requires data. The more data, the better the experience. And when that information also takes context into account—information about the preferences, behavior and interests of your visitors—the more powerful the possibilities become to provide a relevant, engaging experience. Acquia Lift builds a profile from all available data for every person that interacts with your brand. This includes the content that an individual is... More

How to Search and Set Filters in Acquia Content Hub [VIDEO]

Most major brands are managing hundreds of individual digital experiences, all of which require their own content. That content can easily end up siloed within different systems, across different departments. Finding what you need quickly can be a serious challenge. One solution to that challenge is Acquia Content Hub, with its built in search functionality. With the right filters and automatic subscriptions in place, content discovery and syndication becomes much less of a hassle. This saves valuable time that could be... More

Is There Still a Need for a Comment Section?

“Don’t read the comments.” That has become a mantra of creators across the Internet. No matter how much time and effort one puts into an article, video, photo, etc., inevitably someone will have something negative to say. Comment sections have become battlegrounds rather than bridges to creators or brands, a haven for spam and hate speech. The ability to anonymously voice opinions and spew whatever comes to mind has directly contributed to the growing practice of trolling: posting deliberately offensive or provocative comments online with the aim of upsetting or eliciting an angry response... More

Kickstart Your Personalization Plan with a Digital Strategy Workshop

Last winter when we committed to revamping our personalization strategy on the Acquia Developer Center site, dev.acquia.com, we asked the Lift product team if we could be treated like an Acquia customer from start to finish. One of our key product offerings is Acquia Lift, a product built for website personalization. When someone purchases Lift they have the option to purchase a Professional Services workshop to guide their implementation... More


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