The Ultimate Guide to Acquia Site Studio

What's Covered?

What's Covered
  • What component-based design is and how it can benefit your team
  • How marketers, site builders, designers, developers and more can contribute to the content delivery process
  • What Acquia Site Studio is and what makes it so easy to use
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A growing number of organizations face a common challenge: Customers expect more high-quality digital content. As such, internal teams are often asked to develop and publish that content in less time, with fewer resources.

But how can smaller, leaner teams meet these growing demands?

Enter Acquia Site Studio.

Computer screen showing Site Studio UI

Acquia Site Studio enables anyone in your organization to build Drupal webpages through a low-code, visual interface. Once reusable components have been established for a project, users – who may not have extensive coding knowledge – can create rich, immersive content.

In "The Ultimate Guide to Acquia Site Studio," you'll learn:

  • What is component-based design and Site Studio?
  • Who is Site Studio for?
  • What makes it so easy to use?
  • How has Site Studio redefined how we create digital experiences?

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