Acquia Commerce Experiences
Go From ‘Checking it Out’ to Checkout

Great customer journeys don’t end with abandoned shopping carts. The technology you use has to deliver on the customer promise. Connect your existing ecommerce system to Drupal’s content management system, and Acquia’s digital experience platform.

Highlighted Features

Unified Digital Storefront

Seamlessly integrate content and commerce so shopping and checkout become part of a consistent customer experience.

Headless Commerce Innovation

Decouple the front end of your digital ecommerce system from the back end and use Drupal’s content management capabilities for greater flexibility in building your commerce experience.

Secure Cloud Hosting

Acquia’s secure, PCI-compliant, and cloud-native platform has safeguards to protect data, reduce legal risk, and avoid service interruptions.

Embed Products Within Content and Vise Versa

Easily embed a shopping experience into your marketing content and marketing content onto your product detail pages. Sync the product data from your ecommerce back end with Drupal for an up-to-date inventory and extensive product catalogs.

Build Dynamic Promotions

Acquia allows ecommerce promotions to become dynamic content as part of a landing page or campaign. Promotions get synced with Drupal, and can be personalized for omnichannel customer journeys.

Support for Transaction and Traffic Spikes

Our platform scales to support massive numbers of transactions and thousands of product SKUs in vast catalogs. It protects ecommerce systems when internet traffic surges.

Personalized Commerce Experience Solutions

A Faster Path to Personalization and Experience Management

Connect to Acquia Lift and Acquia Journey to customize and create richer, more informative content in context, nurture customer relationships, and deliver product offers across omnichannel touchpoints.

Open and Flexible So You Can Use What Works Best for You

Don’t rip and replace the commerce system of your choice. The Acquia Experience Platform integrates with your existing ecommerce platform, making a best-of-breed solution while reducing development efforts.

Dont rip and replace commerce software solution

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