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Composable Commerce

A commerce stack built to scale.

Deliver your unique commerce experiences to convert in the long run with your preferred technology and our expert partners.

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What is Composable Commerce?

Composable commerce is a set of modular packaged business capabilities to enable the composition of a flexible platform for unique experiences that involve B2B commerce, B2C commerce or both. These experiences are powered through integration with a DXP.

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Build Relevant Experiences per Shopper

The power of commercetools and Commerce Factory combined offers a platform for reaching shoppers at the right moment with the right messages. Implemented by Credera, this solution powers advanced commerce capabilities.


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Multi-Payment Gateways

Customers pay using preferred payment methods.

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Catalog Optimization

Advanced analytics help you optimize prices, promotions, inventories, and fulfillment strategies across product categories.

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Dynamic Product Bundles

Create dynamic bundle products with the best combination of options based on prices or availability across all countries of sale.

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Powered by Drupal

Drupal Commerce provides the essentials in its core framework and lets you choose from hundreds of supported modules to extend the feature set as needed. Its modular, open source architecture enables composable commerce like no other platform can.


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Open Source

Centarro, the Drupal Commerce maintainers, are active in community support channels and available for direct consulting on your project architecture, systems integration, data migration, and performance.

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Go international with support for multiple domains, 100+ payment gateway integrations, and global shipping and tax calculation services.

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Define innumerable price lists, coupons, customer roles, and checkout and order workflows to segment and serve your customer base.

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Platform Flexibility

Third and Grove’s integration of Shopify Plus and Acquia DXP enables you to create seamless, authentic, and personalized shopping experiences for your customers while tapping all the premium commerce capabilities that Shopify Plus has to offer.


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100+ payment gateways allow customers to use their preferred and localized payment methods.

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Built-in Point of Sale (in-store), B2B, and additional online sales channels to support omnichannel strategies.

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Endless Customizations

Popular selling features include AI-powered search, discounts and promotions, subscriptions, chat and support, and internationalization.

Acquia Named a Leader in Digital Experience by G2

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Composable Commerce Solutions
commercetools Drupal Commerce Shopify Plus
App Ecosystem
Implementation Timeline
8-12 weeks
16-24 weeks
8-12 weeks
Total Cost of Ownership
Use Cases commercetools Drupal Commerce Shopify Plus
Catalog Management
Order Management
Search Merchandising
Dynamic Pricing
Online & Offline
      Inventory Management
      Returns Management
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Gain the Competitive Edge With Composable Commerce

Discover the latest e-commerce trends and how a composable architecture enables business agility.


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