High Code, Low Code, No Code: What Do You Really Need?

What's Covered?

What's Covered
  • How a low-code/no-code approach complements existing high-code development
  • The benefits of a hybrid approach for both developers and marketers
  • When you need low code/no code and when you need high code
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Many businesses are incorporating low-code/no-code approaches to site-building and content management to complement the traditional approach of high code.

Low code/no code decouples the content workflow from the code workflow. By using pre-built templates with simple, drag-and-drop tools, marketers can make changes to content and digital experiences without relying on developers.

And when done the right way, low-code/no-code platforms can significantly benefit developers, too, by taking many simple, mundane, yet time-consuming tasks off their plate, freeing them up to be creative and innovate.

Learn more about how this new hybrid model of site-building empowers both marketers and developers to optimize processes and drive more value for the business.

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