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Brand Management

Your content foundation, whether you’re a branded house or house of brands

Set the direction, establish the guidelines, and go! Acquia’s tools unify your brand in every customer interaction.

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sites completed in 1.5 years with one primary design system for 170 brands globally


internal and external collaborators accessing brand content for campaigns


faster time to market, enabling the team to design, build, and launch a brand new site


downloads from brand portal in 12 months, supporting brand consistency




Leading the Pack

Acquia named a leader in Digital Asset Management by G2

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Brand Management at Scale

Unify Digital Content and Digital Assets

The consistency of your websites, mobile applications, and other digital properties can make or break your customer’s experience with your brand. Simplify and scale your brand management by combining Drupal and Acquia DAM to power unified brand experiences.

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Brand Asset Library

Central Brand Asset Hub

Create consistency from a single source across all marketing communications. Acquia DAM supports the full content lifecycle — from concept development to launch and beyond.


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A Model for Brand Asset Management

Create Rich Experiences Faster

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Always Up-to-Date

Create once, publish everywhere. Use versioning and links to look your best on all channels

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Reuse and Repurpose

Empower your designers with access to working files to pull layers from existing assets to use in new communications

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Integrate Into Your Tech

Keep your brand consistent and work flowing by connecting to Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce, and other key creative, marketing, and sales tools


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Brand Portals

Brand Activation Everywhere

Empower your social, web, event, and sales teams with brand guidelines and approved assets. Share guidelines, logos, colors, customer testimonials, videos, and other key assets with a regular ‘ol link – no coding required.

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Portals Functionality and Best Practices

Portals Showcase Webinar

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Easy to Build and Brand

Create beautiful, branded portals with navigation, styled headers, and columns without any coding

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Multiple Ways to Share

Provide access to portals by sharing a link, embedding them in web pages, or connecting them to Salesforce

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Security Settings

Control access to portals with expiration dates and three security settings: public, access code required, or login required

The Basics
What Is Brand Management?
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Creative Workflow

Organize Brand Review and Approval

Set up proofing workflows for better content in fewer drafts.

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Annotate content with markup tools to indicate changes

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Multistage Workflows

Setup repeatable workflows to keep projects procedurally consistent

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Upload Final Assets

Close out completed projects with an option to add the final file to the asset library


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Build Better Sites

Enforce On Page Brand Guidelines

Make it easy for anyone to create a page or make changes to existing pages using a drag-and-drop interface for Drupal.


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Style Guide Manager

Build theme-specific overrides for your website's appearance. Style guides allow Drupal multisites to have different styles per site

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Visual Page Builder

Create rich component-based pages directly in the front end of your website with a drag-and-drop page builder

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Component Content

Save components as reusable content pieces to use across multiple pages. Update a content component centrally and populate changes across all pages


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Multisite Management

Build, Manage, and Update a Portfolio of Sites

Give your team the power to create and control sites for multiple languages, campaigns, regions, and brands. Assign role-based access restrictions, build site templates for future use, and deploy new sites fast.


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Deploy Content at Scale

Centralized management console to view all sites from one place and deploy simultaneous site updates across all sites

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Multilingual Content Creation

Localized sites on a global scale with a world of multilingual capabilities to help you build and run sites internationally

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Granular Governance

A portfolio of compliance standards to meet the needs of a variety of industries

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