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Acquia Cloud Platform

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Scale your digital experiences on our fully managed platform built for better, faster, stronger Drupal applications.

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Experience Digital Freedom™

Value of Acquia Cloud Platform

Others label it hosting, but Acquia knows you need much more than that. Acquia Cloud Platform is architected for maximum Drupal performance and is fully managed by our team.

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Enterprise-Grade, Fully Managed Drupal Platform

Scale Confidently

Meet growth, traffic, and performance demands with high availability hosting in seven global regions and a 99.99% SLA. Being fully managed by Acquia, you can relax and shift your focus from maintenance to innovation.

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Minimize Security Risk

Minimize security incidents and practice proactive vulnerability blocking with our Drupal Steward Program. Enjoy extensive access management, platform security features, and a robust compliance portfolio that includes FedRAMP and more.

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Automate Dev Workflows

Accelerate your development process with three pre-built environments, a drag-and-drop UI, a robust CLI, 200+ API endpoints, and cloud actions to automate deployment tasks.

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Optimized Drupal Application Tools

Monitor your application and identify opportunities for improvement with built-in Drupal optimization tools. From application performance to developer tools, we have what you need to make your application better.

Global Support From Drupal Experts

Acquia Cloud Platform is supported by Drupal experts available 24/7/365, backed by an SLA uptime of 99.99%*. Our support team knows Drupal, which is why we are the only Drupal platform to offer application support.

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Acquia Named a Leader in Digital Experience by G2

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End-to-end Drupal Platform

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Performance and Uptime

  • Platform CDN 
  • New Relic APM 
  • Stack metrics 
  • 99.99% uptime SLA*
  • Global availability 
  • High availability and DR
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Deployment Workflow and Dev Tools Built In

  • Three pre-built environments (dev, stage, production)
  • Drag-and-drop UI 
  • Access to Acquia CLI and 200+ API endpoints 
  • Acquia Cloud Actions for automated deployment best practices
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Security as a Service

  • Access management 
  • Platform security 
  • Compliance 
  • Security add-ons
  • Drupal Steward Program
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Drupal Optimized Platform

  • Search 
  • Email 
  • One Site Studio license 
  • One Cloud IDE
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Fully Managed and Supported

  • Application support 
  • Platform support 
  • Support teams
Case Studies

Cloud Platform in Action

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Unicef Logo

156 Million

unique page views

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5 Months

to launch new corporate site

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Molson Coors Logo


reduction in time to update content

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Get More Than Just Hosting

With tools that accelerate migrating from another CMS, upgrading from Drupal 7, building new sites with an out-of-the-box CMS and much more, the cost savings are endless. 


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Creating Sitemaps

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Resource Center

Discover E-Books, Data Sheets, & more.

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Dev Portal

Cloud Platform Technical Information


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Security and Digital Experience: A Guide for Marketers


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Acquia Cloud provides our organisation with a comprehensive and reliable hosting platform

Web & Digital Manager

Enterprise(> 1000 emp.)


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Add Ons

Enhance Acquia Cloud Platform

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Code Studio

From inception to launch, use tools to plan, build, review, test, deploy, and measure. We own and automate the repetitive parts.

  • Accelerate time to market through smooth website deployments

  • Automatically update your Composer packages

  • Built in Drupal specialized features on top of GitLab to deliver the best tools possible


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Content Hub

A cloud-based, centralized content distribution and syndication solution enabling highly-performant, scalable syndication of Drupal content.

  • Provides content syndication to assist in publishing

  • Publishers Dashboard to view errors, logs, and content metrics

  • Provides content aggregation/ content repository to bring content together


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Cloud IDE

A place to write your code -- as a service. You don’t need to set up your local machine. Acquia will do it for you on the Cloud.

  • Minimize the risk of security and compliance incidents

  • Create operational efficiencies through continuous refinements

  • Utilize development, staging, production environment, CI/CD, and monitoring


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A set of solutions that provide advanced security that enables organizations to achieve and maintain secure and performant digital experiences. 

  • Minimize the risk of security and compliance incidents

  • A global CDN to deliver content and ensure application availability

  • Bot Management capabilities that enable organizations to gain heightened visibility and control


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Migrate to Acquia Cloud Platform

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Migrate Accelerate

Accelerate Drupal 7 to Drupal 9 migrations by up to 80% with the only automated tool on the market.


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Migrate Replatform

Want to ditch your non-drupal CMS? Migrate from any CMS to Drupal with Acquia Migrate Re-platform.


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If you’re still having trouble finding what you’re looking for. Chat with one of our trained professionals.
Acquia Cloud Platform Top Features
Performance & Autoscaling
Dynamic Scaling
All the tools and support you need to maximize your applications scalability.
Enterprise Caching
Acquia reinvents CMS run-time architectures with caching at all layers of the digital stack.
Platform CDN
Built-in Global CDN
Advanced Premium CDN
Scale Globally, Accelerate Application Delivery,Decrease Load Times, Uninterrupted User Experience
Node.js Support
Full support for Node.js to empower developers to leverage popular front-end frameworks
Guaranteed Reliability
99.95% Uptime SLA
Disaster recovery solutions and constant support and monitoring
Multi-zone Availability
Support to help your application that needs availability in multiple zones.
Multi-region Failover Clusters
We support organizations that need high availability & disaster recovery across multiple countries.
Disaster Recovery Services
Work with our team of experts to get your application back on track, no matter what happens.
Execute your CMS Migration
Migrate from any CMS to Drupal
Migrate to the CMS that does more and makes it easy. Migrate to Drupal 9.
Migrate to Drupal 9 with Automated Tooling
With Acquia Migrate Accelerate you can speed up your migration to Drupal 9 by up to 50%.
Low-Code Site Building
Business users can build and deploy content
Site Studio makes it easy to assemble a new page or a new site. Even if you're not a developer.
Free up critical development resources
Work with a library of pre-built templates to add critical speed to your development process.
Fast Secure Search
Solr Search Service
Acquia Search is based on the popular Solr open source enterprise search server
Filter and Weigh Results
Filter searches based on specific details or attributes for a more-precise searches in no time flat.
Multi-entity and Attachment Searches
Search multiple types of content—content nodes, taxonomy terms, custom entity types and more.
Content Recommendations
Recommend similar or related content to visitors, which can increase their time on your website.
World Class Support
Expert Drupal Support 24/7/365
Expert support to help you whenever you need it.
Solution Planning & Implementation
Support to help plan and implement solutions for any issues you run into.
Dedicated Technical Account Managers
We offer account managers that are trained to assist with any and all needs.
Training & Certification
Drupal & Acquia Product Training
Training conducted by experts on all things Drupal and Acquia.
Expert advice from Professional Services
Acquia's Professional Services offers expert advice on anything from Drupal to any Acquia product.
Acquia Certification Program
A program where you get certified on any & all Acquia products to build your own expertise.
Support for Architecture
Graph QL Support
Drupal supports RESTful query support for front-end web developers leverage simple Javascript via GraphQL
PwA SPA Support
Support for progressive web applications.
Hybrid CMS
A hybrid CMS keeps front-end editorial capabilities, while the back end serves as an API-based repository.
JSON:API Support
Drupal provides full JSON:API support to enable high-performing, dynamic web applications.
Multi-Site Management
Multi-site Governance
A single dashboard to view all of your sites, set roles and permissions and administer new sites.
Application Development & Compliance
Deploy site updates once, across your portfolio of sites, eliminating IT's backlog and support costs.
Application Components
Build a set of components that they can reuse across sites and teams to ensure a consistent experience.
Enabled Security Features
IPv6 Support
Support for the most recent version of internet protocol.
SSH Shell Access
Login to an environment as a website user with an SSH key.
ClamAV/GeoIP/Apache mod_proxy support
Scan file uploads, stop illegitimate traffic, and improve LAMP security
Custom WAF Support
Ensure that only trusted network traffic is permitted to and from your Acquia environment.
Secure VPC & VPN
Run with Security Features you Expect
Custom Access Management
Multi-factor Authentication
Acquia offers features like 2-factor authentication to help you run a more secure application.
Role-based Access Controls
Use out-of-the-box user roles or create custom roles, restricting the certain actions from users.
SSH IP Access Controls
Login to an environment as a website user with an SSH key.
SSO Integrations
Enterprise SSO as an add-on for customers who manage security policies through an identity provider.
Managed Security Services
Automate Drupal Security Updates
Teams to help schedule automated security updates
Vulnerability Scans
Provides timely identification, triage, and resolution of security vulnerabilities.
Platform Security Audits and Updates
Security event log storage , Monitoring of security alerts, Analysts ensuring integrity of cloud systems.
Compliance Standards
FedRAMP Authorized
Compliance certification and details on authorizing agencies can be viewed in the FedRAMP Marketplace.
Compliant hosting platform to ensure the protection of cardholder data in accordance with PCI-DSS version 3.2.
Meets the requirements for HIPAA Security Rule and HITECH for electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI).
ISO 27001
Globally recognized security standard driven by the implementation of information security management system.
SOC 1 & SOC 2
Provides coverage to support the financial reporting requirements of International organizations.
A regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy in the European Union.
Federal Education Records Privacy Act
Multi-layered cloud security controls, configurable permissions, and built-in backups and disaster recovery.
Advanced CLI Tools
Advanced CLI Tools
It's your IDE, but now it's in the Cloud. IDE provides everything you need to write great Drupal Code.
Multi-site Support
Build and manage your portfolio of sites
Acquia’s Opinionated CMS
An out-of-the box version of Drupal with enhanced capabilities you won't find anywhere else.
Low Code/No Code Interface
With low-code site building UI, Site Studio works for all business users, even non-technical ones.
Automate your Workflow
CI/CD via Pipelines & On-Demand Environments
Pipelines and CDEs simply submitting a pull request can assemble your code, test it, and deploy it.
Cloud Platform API
Cloud Platform API gives you the flexibility and automation you need to extend, enhance, and customize.
Cloud Hooks
Improve your team’s efficiency and ensure quality by automating key actions throughout your workflow.
Seamless Integration with Drupal
Build Drupal Modules
Use Drupal as a central content store on a decoupled front end using JSON:API.
Leverage OSS Drupal Modules
Integrate application services from back-end systems.
Intuitive Development Features
Development, Staging, and Production Environments
Cloud IDE offers a best in class visual code editor and integrated development environments.
Drag and Drop User Interface
A drag and drop interface helps non-technical users add components to a page or build from scratch.
Solutions to Scale your Application
Templatized Sites
Manage multiple themes in an easily-accessible repository.
Site grouping, tagging, & access control
A single dashboard to view all of your sites, set roles and permissions and administer new sites.
One-click Site Creation
Enable your team to drag and drop prebuilt components from Site Studio's library into layouts and new sites.
Scheduled Code Deployment
Integrate automatic updates into your development timeline to ensure you're meeting your deadlines.
Performance Monitoring
New Relic APM Pro
Gives developers and IT administrators the information they need to understand and dig into performance issues.
Download, forward, or stream your logs
Gather information from various logs quickly and easily.
View Platform Utilization Metrics
View metrics to understand your application's performance.
Easy-to-use Site Building Interface
Low Code/No Code Site Building
A better way to design, build, and enhance your Drupal site.
Interface with no technical knowledge required
A drag and drop interface helps non-technical users add components to a page or build from scratch.
Multilingual Content Management
Localized Sites on a Global Scale
We offer a world of Multi-lingual capabilities that help you build and run sites internationally.
Automate Marketing Workflows
Content Approval
Use Drupal to create streamlined approval workflows with support for approval states, custom actions, etc.
Acquia provides out of the box support for staging environments for developers.
Timed Updates
You can dramatically increase marketing productivity & speed up cycle times for content updates & approvals.
Elimination of Bottlenecks for Developers
Allow for workflow to not be disrupted and continue to move forward toward the organizations goals.
Extend your Drupal Application
Open APIs
The Cloud Platform API's 200+ endpoints and JSON output enable developers to deploy code, databases and files.
Vast Network of Technology Partnerships
Acquia has a vast network of technological partners to allow us to stay advance with our solutions.
Teams to help with decision and execution
We offer account managers that are trained to assist with any and all needs.
Integrate with a Variety of Tools
Connect to External Code Repositories
Allows user to content to external repositories to have access to content they need.
Use Continuous Integration Tools
Continuously integrates with tools need to provide advanced solutions.
Integrate with a variety of development tools
You can build, test, and launch Drupal applications and enterprise-level sites faster.
Use Pager Duty
Give developers and IT administrators the information they need to understand and dig into performance issues
Native Marketing Cloud Integration Tools
Data-driven insights to: Analyze, Personalize, Engage, Optimize