Why Drupal

Drupal gives teams the freedom to create exceptional digital experiences.

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The Drupal content management system (CMS) is home to more than 10% of the top 10,000 websites worldwide and is backed by one of the largest open source communities.



Digital Experiences Start With Drupal

1 in 10

enterprise sites run of Drupal


active community contributors


integrations, extensions, and developers


unique visitors per month to drupal.org



What Can You Expect From Drupal?

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Open Source Community and Code

With an extensive community committed to innovation, Drupal becomes a more powerful platform every single day.

  • Unlimited flexibility
  • No vendor lock-in; take your code anywhere
  • Non-stop community innovation
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Flexible Architecture for Modern Application Development

API first, not API only.

  • Assemble pre-packaged business capabilities with a composable architecture
  • Low-code tooling enables users to build digital experiences without being a developer
  • Manage, remix, and publish source-agnostic content across channels and foster omnichannel digital experiences
  • Create and deploy code faster with cloud-based developer tools
  • Automate code building, testing, and deploying with a full CI/CD process
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Marketer-Friendly CMS

Deliver personalized, intelligent experiences.

  • Serve global audiences by translating every part of a website with multilingual management
  • Use content, fields, and media predictably across channels and apps with structured content
  • Improve search rankings, drive more traffic, and increase conversion rates with advanced SEO tools
  • Enable visitors to find relevant content quickly with enterprise search
  • Create barrier free websites with web accessibility features that adhere to web regulations
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Extensive Integrations

Because Drupal is open source, when it comes to integrations, the limit does not exist.


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Scalable and Performant

The biggest websites on earth run on Drupal.

  • Flexible, authenticated content caching and static assets deliver faster experiences 
  • CDN support speeds up websites, improving visitor engagement
  • BigPipe delivery pushes user-specific content with optimized caching for authenticated users
  • Static site generation capabilities enable you to create fast, lightweight websites
  • JavaScript and CSS aggregation reduces the number of HTTP requests for each page, improving page performance and scalability
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Highly Secure

10,000+ active contributors make it hard for bugs to hide.

  • Role-based access control streamlines user management and teams
  • Advanced user management capabilities with support for two-factor authentication, single sign-on, and more 
  • Module security coverage indicates whether Drupal modules are protected by the project’s security team
  • Drupal Steward program blocks critical vulnerabilities before they have been publicly announced, mitigating risk for customers of program participants

Top Companies Around the World Trust Drupal

Get To Know Drupal

Drupal is a leading open source content management system and the foundation of Acquia’s digital experience platform.