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Customer Data Management

Better data management and activation.

Use the power of personalization and predictive marketing to launch efficient, targeted campaigns.

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decrease in website bounce rate


increase in paid social click throughs


return from personalized emails

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Simplifying Website Personalization: A Guide for Developers and Marketers
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Democratize Your Data

Automated Audience Segmentation & Activation

Automatically segment your customers with AI. Our CDP uses detailed customer information and preferences to build personalized multi-touch campaigns designed to drive the highest conversion rates possible.

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Consolidate online, offline, and behavioral data into a single customer view

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Access hundreds of analytical insights to anticipate customer behavior

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Employ advanced segmentation and activation to power more effective campaigns

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Optimize Your Messaging

Deliver Meaningful Content

Design relevant experiences for everyone based on data pulled from 360° customer profiles. Display enticing content tailored to each audience member, every time.


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A/B test to identify the best content for the proper target audiences

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Use targeted campaigns to personalize your site’s content for specific visitor segments

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Suggest engaging content that appeals to unique audience interests

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Machine Learning Models in Action

Discover how artificial intelligence and machine learning are transforming digital marketing and how these emerging technologies can be a marketing team superpower.


Machine Learning in Action

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