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Product Information Management

Go to market faster with a cloud-based PIM designed for marketers and creatives.

Expand Acquia DAM to organize technical product data, feature lists, and other product content.


product SKUs managed


reduction in time spent applying product related metadata for assets


annual average cost savings through repurposing content across global regions

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Improve Product Experiences

Bring product copy, assets, and technical specifications together to manage product listings and channels to create impactful commerce experiences. Acquia PIM ensures consistent product representation throughout the customer journey.

Product Access

Product Content Made More Visible

Manage product listings and configure distribution channels to create impactful commerce experiences. Acquia PIM ensures consistent product representation throughout the customer journey.


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Centralize Product Content

Keep a central hub for everything from product packaging and associated online recipes to feature lists and training videos

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Automate Manual Tasks

Eliminate redundant data entry, automate task creation, and streamline notifications for writers and creatives

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Prepare for Channel Distribution

Configure channels to determine which products, information, and assets go where. Syndication integrations available with Salsify and Productsup support unique marketplace requirements.


Asset Management

Where Brand Meets Product

Break silos between brand, product, and corporate content. Quickly navigate between an individual asset view, its associated product, then back again. Keep your assets in sync across internal tools and distribution channels so your brand always looks its best.


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Creative Workflow Harmony

Keep product launches and campaigns moving with a seamless connection between packaging, promotional, and other workflows

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Manage Product Assets More Efficiently

Use existing product information from your ERP to automate metadata creation for product assets

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Optimize Assets for Digital and Print

Transform assets on the fly to support e-commerce, social media, print, and beyond

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Electronic Product Catalogs

Branded, Shareable Digital Catalogs

Simplify product content distribution with portals optimized for sharing product catalogs with dealers, distributors, and sales teams.


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Easy To Create

Select a channel configured in Acquia PIM and create a portal with the click of a button

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Brand Your Portal

Use the Live Editor to brand your portal and add additional information, like who to contact or a promotional highlight

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Share With Anyone

Share portals with a link and control access with expiration dates and three security settings: public, access code required, or login required

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