Setting The Record Straight on Drupal Myths

What's Covered?

What's Covered
  • Why Drupal is the easiest-to-use enterprise-grade CMS
  • How Drupal is one of the most secure open source CMSs
  • How Drupal powers some of the world's biggest websites and innovative digital experiences
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Drupal started its life 20+ years ago as a small message board created by Dries Buytaert in his college dormitory. Since then, the Drupal project took off, growing into an enterprise-grade content management framework used by more than a million websites across the world.

But this growth has not always been easy. Along the way, certain myths became associated with Drupal. According to these myths, Drupal is:

  • A complex IT tool 
  • Difficult to use and requires specialized resources to maintain 
  • Difficult to scale
  • Not secure
  • Only a traditional CMS
  •  Not for marketers

In this e-book we will objectively examine these myths and their origin. Where there is a kernel of truth, we’ll acknowledge it. Where there are misperceptions and new information to consider, we’ll clarify them. 

Download "Setting The Record Straight on Drupal Myths" to learn the truth about Drupal and its evolution into an enterprise-grade technology that keeps pace with the demands of today's changing landscape.

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