Rein in Marketing Automation Sprawl with Distributed Marketing

What's Covered?

What's Covered
  • The current state of marketing automation
  • What is distributed marketing and how it's used in common business models
  • The benefits of distributed marketing solutions
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Marketing automation technology has revolutionized the process of creating, deploying and optimizing marketing campaigns. However, as marketers enjoy the efficiencies afforded them from the adoption of marketing automation platforms (MAPs), many large organizations are now struggling with MAP sprawl where various teams from across business units, geographies, sub-brands or franchises have their own individual, unique MAP account.

This sprawling MAP landscape makes it difficult for large marketing organizations to deliver consistent customer experiences and campaign execution. What's the solution?

Distributed marketing brings scale to marketing automation through a parent-child architecture with multitenant marketing automation capability that can:

  • Alleviate technical skills gaps across enterprise marketing teams
  • Enable downstream governance of brand standards and best practices
  • Scale and consolidate MAP sprawl without sacrificing compliance with data privacy and security regulations


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