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The Mautic project is the largest and most inclusive open source marketing automation community in the world. Everyone should have access to a tool with the power to understand, manage, and grow their organization.

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Collage of people engaging on technology
Collage of people engaging on technology
Collage of people engaging on technology
Why Is Open Source Valuable?

Key Benefits

The first and foremost goal of any open source community is inclusivity. By design, Mautic benefits anyone and everyone who downloads and installs it. This is the benefit of open source, and this is why Acquia stands by Mautic: to support the world’s largest open source marketing automation community.

Marketplace Community

The community makes innovation and new code development a quick and agile process. There is a growing library of plugins, and an ever expanding ecosystem to support your instance of Mautic within your existing technology stack.

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Global presence

Users have access to a diverse community and an abundance of resources to support the complete newcomer to marketing automation through an expert looking to optimize campaigns reaching millions of contacts.

Community Ownership collaborating

Mautic is the perfect solution for teams of marketers and developers that are looking to keep their marketing automation investment costs minimal, and who want total control of their instance from end to end

How Is It Different?

Open Marketing Automation Defined

Open for All

Open marketing automation means using tools which are open source and available for all to use. Open infrastructures do not pin you down to a specific vendor and empower you to manage your own technology.

With Mautic’s open API, you are free to connect Mautic with other tools in your marketing stack. This empowers the marketer, enabling them to gain a true overview of customer activity across all touch points and use this information to deliver a truly personalized experience, both online and offline.

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Free To Download

Mautic is the perfect solution for people looking to build a MAP within their own hosted environment. Users of Mautic are able to truly customize the platform to meet their own specific requirements.

Mautic is released under the GPL v3 license, and is free to download. Mautic can be installed on your own infrastructure and managed entirely by you. This gives you complete control over your business workflows and customer data, enabling true data portability should you need to move systems in the future.

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Popular Integrations

Key Features

Due to the accessible nature of open source, anyone can easily gain access to the technology that Mautic brings to the table, and acquire the skills necessary to grow their organization with world-leading marketing automation workflows. Here's why Mautic stands out:

Marketing Automation
Detailed contact profile across multiple channels and touchpoints
An interactive journey builder
An open source drag-and-drop MJML-based builder
Total ownership of your marketing automation instance and data
Powerful, open REST API enabling unlimited integrations and customizations
A growing marketplace of plugins and integrations
Inclusive and supportive community
Meetups, camps and conferences
Community teams, working groups and “tiger teams”



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Mautic is relatively young, but has quickly grown into the largest open source player in marketing automation.

Dries Buytaert

CTO, Acquia

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