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Acquia Academy

Acquia Academy is your source for Drupal and Acquia product training, helping you to develop and maintain your knowledge either in or outside the classroom. Gain access to free training including e- learning, educational assets and resources, and our certification exams on Acquia Academy.

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Acquia Certified Program

Validate and promote your Drupal and Acquia product skills. Hire with confidence. Stand out from the crowd. Acquia Certification exams are administered online on Acquia Academy with our partner, ProctorU. Register online for your exam appointment.

Expert Help & Advice


Professional Services offers a range of training, expert help and advice, and implementation engagements to help your organization meet deadlines and ambitious technical goals. When you choose Professional Services, you’ll be working directly with the best Acquia product implementation and Drupal experts in the world to help you meet your goals and ambitions.

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Diverse Training Options

  • Free eLearning

    Acquia Learning Services provides free e-learning materials to the community on our Community branch of Acquia Academy. Here you can find recommended public training options with our training partners. There is also a full listing of Drupal and Acquia product trainings available to get started learning! 

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  • Private Training

    Prepare a specific training agenda tailored to your team’s needs drawing on our full course catalog. Courses are available in multiple formats, including in-person instructor-led or virtual instructor-led.

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  • Expert Services

    Acquia 's Expert Services can customize a services, training, and certification solution to meet your needs.

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Explore the Training That is Right For You
Acquia Docs Acquia Academy Public Training Private Training Expert Help
Team members need basic documentation and training while getting started with Acquia products
There are less than 4 developers on the team
There are 5 or more developers looking for training on specific training topic
Team members are looking to learn more about Drupal, Acquia Cloud and other Acquia products
Team members are seeking training tailored to their team's specific make-up and experience, knowledge of Drupal, and project requirements
Frequently Asked Questions
What is Public Training?
Public training is a training course taken by a mixed group of registrants with a set learning agenda. Public training is offered at lower costs because we are able to fill classes with people from various companies. Public training courses are also frequently offered virtually via video conference. Take a look at our recommend training partner websites for available public training offerings:
Tyto Learning Solutions:
Promet Source:
What is Private training?
Private training is a training course exclusive to your organization that can be tailored to your team’s needs drawing on our full course catalog content. Only your team members will be present for this training. This training offering allows your team to adjust the pace of the course and to ask questions specific to your training needs.
What options are available between public and private training?
Our course catalog for public and private training is similar.  Public training is based on a standard learning curriculum and is offered on a periodic schedule based on demand and trainer availability.  Private training can be purchased with extensive customizations and is available based on your team’s schedule and specific needs.
What is the difference between training and consulting?
The main difference between training and consulting is the curriculum. Training curriculum, even if customized, is based on a standard set of learning objectives applied generally. Consulting curriculum is specifically tailored to your individual use case.
Where in the world do we offer training?
We offer training globally.
How much lead time do you need to schedule a Private training?
Ideally three weeks is sufficient lead time to schedule Private training. Additional time is needed if the training needs to be customized and if the customized training requires coordination with the application developer.
How many people can be in a Private training?
Our standard training is designed and priced for up to 10 students. We can accommodate up to 12 in a single course at an additional fee. For multi day trainings, students can attend the days that are relevant to them.
For customized training, what do you need in order to prepare for a training?
When preparing for a customized training, Acquia will need the following from your team: Stable training environment to be used for the training, what your learning objectives are for the training, and tour of the site developer to understand the site development.