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Marketing Automation

Distribute campaigns across brands, teams, and regions.

Automate your content across multiple channels, track all of your projects, and monitor campaign performance.

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boost in email revenue

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Leading the Pack

Acquia named a leader in Marketing by G2

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Customize and Automate

Streamline Campaign Management

Work collaboratively to manage full campaign lifecycles. Use a single platform to create and edit campaigns, segment leads, and track marketing performance.


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Vericel Case Study

HubSpot vs. Campaign Studio

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Build audiences based on behavior and customize campaigns for individuals and groups alike

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Design each customer journey touchpoint and replicate the campaign for segments or personalize for individuals

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Follow leads through the entire customer lifecycle with whatever customized scoring system works best for your business


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Scale and Manage

Master Distributed Marketing

Deploy hundreds of instances from one platform. Manage and distribute campaigns across brands, teams, and regions.


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Launch tailored messaging across instances, centrally managed from a single location

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Formulate a template for best practices and repeat successes across business units, brands, and teams

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Access a comprehensive view of content performance across instances and optimize as needed

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Level up Your Company’s Email With Marketing Automation
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On-Brand Everything

Manage Your Marketing Assets

Pair Acquia DAM with marketing automation to keep content consistent and aligned with brand messaging. Maintain a strong and cohesive brand identity across all channels that makes customers want to come back.


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Optimize Campaign Management

Monitor asset usage for all campaigns while tracking engagement and conversion rates

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Enhance Brand Consistency

Store marketing assets in a central repository and use them across channels and touchpoints

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Streamline Content Creation

Reduce time and effort required to create and manage marketing assets across your organization


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Content for You

Boost Personalized Engagement

Combine personalization with marketing automation for ultra-specific segmentation and messaging. Use insights from A/B testing to display hyper-personalized content across your campaigns.


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Cross-Channel Targeting

Create campaigns aligned across every channel your organization uses

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A/B Testing

Optimize campaigns in real time and personalize the customer journey from start to finish

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Segment customers based on behavior, preferences, and other factors to boost marketing campaign efficacy

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Cross-Channel Journey Marketing

Dive deeper into cross-channel journeys and how journey orchestration tools are the greatest asset when it comes to offering seamless customer experiences.


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Enrich Your Brand’s Digital Presence

Adopt an omnichannel marketing strategy that empowers brand governance and consistency wherever you meet your customers.