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AI-Crafted Digital Experiences

  • Craft more relevant experiences
  • Eliminate manual tasks for faster time to market
  • Increase your content's ROI
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Acquia’s Open DXP

AI Assistants & Automation

Acquia’s Open DXP puts AI at your fingertips to allow you to go to market faster. Deliver more experiences that will engage your audiences at the right time — all done responsibly while keeping your data safe.

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CMS Integrated ChatGPT

Streamline Content Creation

Streamline and automate content creation, metadata, and tagging with generative AI in Drupal

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Asset Classification

Automate asset classification with auto-tagging powered by computer vision and auto-generate asset descriptions and alt tags through generative AI

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AI Assist

Streamline Asset Creation

Find similar images through computer vision, search related assets by look, and browse images by color to match brand color palettes

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Machine Learning Studio

Drive Personalized Experiences

Leverage collateral metadata and powerful out-of-the-box machine learning models to automate and drive personalized experiences

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Machine Learning

Identify & Group Audiences

Harness ML-powered customer segmentation and automated cross-channel activation

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Predictive Analytics

Improve Customer Engagement

Drive conversion and engagement with ML-powered predictive models to determine next best action/next-best channel

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AI Code Creation

Reduce Custom Development Lifecycle

Reduce development costs with the Drupal developer GPT-4 code assistant

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AI and the Rise of the Machines

Acquia's Responsible AI Principles

These principles guide our commitment to genuine empathy and interactions with customer and employees; no AI will replace that.

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AI models are inherently biased based on the data used for training. We seek to minimize bias and to be inclusive in the models we use and develop.

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We are transparent with our employees, customers, and users about where we apply AI and how it functions.

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We adhere to our rigorous data privacy, security standards, and regulations to ensure that AI does not exploit any employee or user.

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We, as humans, are accountable for the outcomes of the AI systems we use and deploy.

Empower Digital Progress

Success depends on delivering rewarding experiences across modern digital touchpoints. Acquia's composable DXP single-handedly powers tailored, head-turning digital experiences.