Why the Hybrid CMS Is Becoming the CMS of Choice Among Marketers

What's Covered?

What's Covered
  • Definitions of the different types of content management systems (CMSs) available
  • Questions to consider when evaluating CMS options
  • The benefits of taking a hybrid approach to content management
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Does your content management system (CMS) place too many limits on your organization’s ambitions?

While a traditional CMS with a unified architecture is generally easy to use, it's not nearly as well-equipped to support new channels and is far from customizable. At the same time, a headless CMS with a decoupled architecture typically requires extensive developer skill or involvement to add new content or make updates to the website. 

So, how can your organization find the right balance?

The good news is there’s now a new solution: Hybrid CMS. A hybrid CMS brings together what IT and marketing both want: unmatched speed to market, efficient cost of ownership, and ease of use that empowers business users. 

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