The Freedom To Make Real Impact

Acquia's ongoing commitment to active Environmental, Social, and Governance stewardship continues to make a difference, every day.

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ESG Header Photo Graphic
ESG Header Photo Graphic

Acquia’s ESG Mission

Acquia believes that technology is a key to a better future for all—stronger economies, a healthier environment, and more diverse and inclusive communities. We recognize the opportunity and responsibility we have to make a positive impact on the world through each and every one of our business decisions.

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Acquia has the Following ESG Goals

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our carbon footprint with a 50% reduction by 2030.

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community projects that empower people to improve their own livelihood.

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in all of our business practices.


Carbon Footprint Reduction

Acquia is committed to reducing our Scope 1, 2, and partial Scope 3 GHG emissions footprint by 50% by 2030, from a 2020 base year. This includes all parts of our emissions, from our business travel, product delivery, and facilities. We’ll do this in a number of different ways, but always by using accredited partners with certified offset, reclamation, or removal projects.

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Replant the Planet, Flash Forest partnership video preview.

Planting With a Twist

Acquia has partnered with Flash Forest to bring emerging tech into reforestation. Using machine learning, they're identifying areas where trees have been decimated and deploying automated drones to drop seed pods the restart growth. Their mission? Plant a billion trees by 2028 — and we're all in on that.

Learn more about Flash Forest >

Fighting Deforestation One Tree at a Time

We've also partnered with Tree Nation on tree planting projects in Indonesia, Mozambique and Cameroon. In all of these areas, deforestation had left the coastlines barren and exposed to natural disasters. Our goal is to not only replant mangroves that have been removed by humans over the years, but also to help educate communities on a more sustainable way of living.

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Map featuring Africa, Asia, and Austrailia that pinpoints three different locations and calls out approximately 5,000 trees planted per each location

Tree Nation

Learn more about Acquia’s partnership with Tree Nation
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Supporting Community Projects that Empower

Acquia is committed to delivering real change by empowering people to improve their own livelihoods. We want to help society as a whole produce cleaner energy with less barriers to entry. With community based projects at the heart of what we do, Acquia is helping increase access to cheaper, renewable energy sources in places where it’s needed most.

Making Solar Energy More Accessible

In partnership with Cool Effect, we’re supporting 40,000 rural, off-grid households with solar power. Utilizing unique technology from the Indian Institute of Technology in Madras to help use a direct capture system for solar panels, we’re helping to remove the requirement for an inverter and therefore reducing the cost of solar panel installation.

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Fueling Human Growth through One Pot Meals

Along with our partner, Cool Effect, we’re helping families in Honduras by providing clean cooking stoves. These ‘clean’ cooking stoves help reduce the amount of fuel required to cook with by 45-55%. This reduces the amount of wood required to burn, and therefore helps improve air quality by emitting less carbon dioxide. At the same time, the families that use them save $100 per year on fuel costs and the project has created over 100 direct jobs through the manufacture and distribution of the cooking stoves.

Metrics that read "120 tonnes of total CO2 captured" paired with an icon of a cloud with a down arrow

Cool Effect

Learn more about Acquia’s partnership with Cool Effect


Doubling Down on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

At Acquia we value the differences in our life experiences and viewpoints. We believe that cultivating and supporting a diverse, global team is directly tied to our success as an organization, fueling innovation, productivity and business outcomes. We work closely with inclusion-focused organizations like Black Girls Code, who work to create more opportunities for everyone within the technology field.

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Diverse team
Diversity is the spectrum of human difference

Diversity is the spectrum of human difference. Valuing Diversity at Acquia celebrates our unique differences in background, identity, ideas and experiences. The power of human difference makes us stronger together.

Equal scale
Equity is the equal opportunity for all people

Equity means an environment free from bias, harassment and discrimination. At Acquia, valuing equity also means we support individualistic needs of team members. When people feel valued and respected they can be more innovative and make greater contributions.

Inclusion empowers all people to access the same opportunities and challenges

Inclusion provides for the same level of respect and value regardless of inherent or perceived differences. Valuing inclusion at Acquia means we are committed to building community and connection, and welcome all voices and beliefs.