Digital Personalization
How an Open Digital Platform Can Eliminate Silos

Digital personalization is one of the biggest buzzwords in marketing today, and for good reason. When done well, personalized marketing can engage customers by appealing directly to their individual desires, needs, interests, and other preferences. Digital personalization not only boosts click through rates, conversions, and sales, but creates happier and more loyal customers as well.

What’s the downside of digital personalization? It can be costly to implement and complex to manage. Even with the explosive growth of content personalization technology, 74% of marketers globally believe technology actually makes digital personalization harder.

That’s where Acquia Personalization comes in, delivering a powerful Drupal personalization platform that lets marketers simply point, click, and personalize digital properties – with no coding and no help from IT required.

The challenge of digital personalization

Businesses and marketers clearly understand the power of digital personalization – 89% of digital businesses are investing in personalization software tools and initiatives. But the majority of marketers still struggle to personalize their campaigns, for several reasons:

  • Most tools for marketing personalization are complex and hard to use
  • Few marketing teams have established an overarching strategy for personalization or defined use cases for personalization, leaving marketers bewildered about how to proceed.
  • Marketing teams that do have a strategy often lack the in-house expertise to execute, monitor, and optimize it. 
  • Data silos created by closed systems inside and outside the marketing stack make it hard for marketers to access the data they need for personalization.
  • Many marketing teams must manage personalization by relying on IT staff who are already spread thin with other priorities.

Acquia Personalization: Point. Click. Personalize.

Acquia Personalization is a no-code solution for digital personalization in Drupal that lets marketers customize digital properties with easy-to-use, point-and-click tools. With Acquia Personalization, marketers can use a single console to analyze user profiles, create segments, syndicate content, and personalize communications in a visual builder that lets them see exactly what their customers will see.




Acquia Personalization is:

  • Simple to use. Drag-and-drop functionality makes it easy for marketers to build, preview, and launch personalizations across a network of websites. A three-step process lets marketers create complex campaigns quickly. And no-code digital personalization means marketers can personalize any part of the page – without coding skills or help from IT.
  • Centralized. Marketers benefit from a centralized data repository that enables a single view of customers.
  • Unified. Acquia Personalization provides a single tool that allows marketers to create content, collect data, and build personalizations.
  • Intelligent. Acquia Personalization can recommend content based on a what users are currently viewing or on their viewing history.
  • Targeted. Acquia Personalization offers real-time adaptive targeting along with A/B testing that helps deliver more engaging and successful content.
  • Built for Drupal. Optimized for Drupal, Personalization makes it easier to collect richer data and create and personalize content for a more compelling customer experience.

Advantages of Acquia Personalization for digital personalization

With Acquia’s website personalization software, you can:

  • Start personalizing now. No matter where you are in your journey toward personalization, Acquia offers tools and capabilities to help you take the next step. From simply collecting data and building visitor profiles to delivering personalized web content to creating custom, hyper-targeted, omnichannel personalized experiences, Personalization lets you reach the next level of personalization quickly.
  • Really know your audience. Acquia Personalization’s real-time data collection lets you aggregate visitor information from multiple channels and locations to gain insight into your audience’s real preferences and create experiences that grow more relevant over time.
  • See what your customers see. With Acquia Personalizations visual builder, you can create personalizations from the point of view of the user and preview what the personalized experience looks like for all user segments.
  • Optimize campaigns with real-time intelligence. A central dashboard provides real-time data and analytics on key metrics, web segments, personalization campaigns, and more.
  • Simplify scheduling. Personalization makes it easy to schedule multiple campaigns in a single setting and roll them out over time, and to align digital personalization campaigns with business-critical activities like promotions and events.

Why choose Acquia for digital personalization?

Acquia is an open source digital experience company that empowers the world’s most ambitious brands to embrace innovation and create customer moments that matter. Acquia’s software and services are built around Drupal to give enterprises a future-proof ability to build, operate, and optimize websites, apps, and other digital expenses.

Like all Acquia products, Acquia Personalization is open and built to be API-first, making it easy to tailor to your organization’s needs and IT environment. Acquia Personalization seamlessly integrates with Drupal for web content management, as well as other Acquia products such as Acquia DAM for digital asset management, and Acquia Campaign Studio and Acquia Campaign Factory for marketing automation.

Named to the Forbes Cloud 100 for three years running, Acquia has also landed in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management (WCM) for six straight years and earned a top score 4 strategy in the 2018 Forrester Wave for web content management systems.

FAQs: what is digital personalization?

What is digital personalization?

Digital personalization is the process of customizing digital advertising and marketing content to make it more relevant, compelling, and personal to a target audience. Content may be personalized based on audience demographics, location, history of interaction, and preferences gleaned from online behavior.

What are the benefits of digital personalization?

By tailoring content, offers and calls-to-action to targeted audiences, digital personalization can:

  • Increase click through rates, conversions, and sales.
  • Enable more relevant product recommendations.
  • Improve customer trust, loyalty, and brand affinity.
  • Enhance marketing and sales efficiency.

What is Acquia Personalization?

Acquia Personalization is a Drupal-optimized solution for digital personalization that lets marketers personalize digital properties with point-and-click capabilities. From a single console, marketers can analyze user profiles, create audience segments, syndicate content from Drupal or another CMS platform, create personalizations in a visual builder, and preview them as they will appear to a targeted site visitor.