Content Personalization
How an Open Digital Platform Can Eliminate Silos

While today’s consumers want and expect highly relevant digital experiences tailored to their interests, the task of providing content personalization is no easy feat. Most website personalization software requires a significant investment of time from IT teams. Data required for personalization is often tied up in closed systems, and few marketing teams have the specialized skills and strategic vision to do personalization well.

Acquia Personalization provides an answer to these obstacles: a tool for content personalization that turns the dream of personalized digital experiences into a reality with a tool that lets anyone, regardless of technical skill, personalize content by pointing and clicking, with no coding required.

Why is content personalization so hard?

Audiences in the digital age are no different from audiences that came before – they want to feel appreciated and understood, and they want to experience a personal connection as they interact with the people and companies they do business with. Content personalization can help to deliver on this expectation.

But despite the demand for digital personalization from audiences, marketers have a hard time delivering relevant, compelling and personalized experiences for several reasons.

  • Lack of data. Content personalization requires data – and a lot of it – about customer demographics, behavior and previous interactions with the company. Often this information is distributed in various systems that don’t communicate easily, making it hard for marketers to get a true picture of their customers to personalize content accurately.
  • Lack of development resources. Getting data silos connected often requires help from IT, as does implementing content personalization solutions. But developers tend to have little time to take on new marketing initiatives on top of their already heavy workload.
  • Complex technology. Many personalization software solutions are so complex that they don’t work fluidly, or they consume too much of marketers’ time, causing projects and workflows to break down and stall.
  • Lack of strategy. Like any important marketing initiative, content personalization requires a foundation of solid strategy and specific goals to be effective. Many marketing teams simply don’t have the experience or leadership necessary to lay the groundwork for their personalization efforts.

Acquia Personalization simplifies content personalization

Acquia Personalization is a tool optimized for Drupal that enables marketers to point, click and personalize digital properties, dramatically simplifying content personalization. From a single console, marketing teams can analyze user profiles, create segments, syndicate content from Drupal and other CMS products and create personalizations in a visual builder that lets them see exactly what a targeted site visitor will see.



To solve data integration problems, Acquia Personalization is an open, API-first platform that connects easily with marketing automation, CRM, ABM and analytics systems, providing marketers with all the data they need for content personalization of web experiences.

Acquia Personalization provides:

  • Simplicity. Marketers can use a three-step content personalization creation tool that provides step-by-step guidance through creating and deploying personalizations. A visual builder lets marketers preview personalizations in context, and a scheduling tool aligns personalizations to announcements, promotions, events and product releases.
  • Data integration. Acquia Personalization captures visitor profile and behavioral data, tracks implicit interests across multiple channels and merges anonymous and known profiles to create a single view of each customer. Real-time, adaptive segmentation makes it easy to define customer segments and target them effectively. And content syndication tools let marketers syndicate content from any source across a network of sites and channels. 
  • Reporting and analytics. Marketers can use a centralized dashboard to track personalization metrics, using built-in A/B testing to evaluate the impact of different assets. And a powerful analytics engine delivers actionable insight through pre-built and custom dashboards and reports.

Connect everything. Personalize now. 

With Acquia’s content personalization solutions, marketers can:

  • Begin personalizing content immediately. Acquia’s crawl-walk-run paradigm for adopting content personalization provides marketing teams with tools to take initial steps toward personalization and to develop more advanced skills and strategies over time.
  • Use data more effectively. With detailed, real-time data collection, Acquia Personalization makes it easy to employ data to identify the real preferences of audiences, rather than relying on generic characteristics and personas.
  • Eliminate data silos. Acquia’s APIs make it easy to connect data from disparate sources to gain more value from information already collected and to develop a more detailed and rounded understanding of each customer.
  • Increase operational efficiency. Acquia’s platform makes content personalization easy, helping to reduce the amount of time that marketers and developers must invest in personalization tasks.
  • Preview content personalization. With Acquia’s visual builder, you can see the personalizations that each customer segment will see, giving you a clearer insight into their experience.

Why choose Acquia?

Acquia brings together everything you need to enhance content personalization with the only open digital experience platform and only content personalization tool optimized for Drupal. With Acquia Personalization, you can leverage the power of Drupal’s open CMS and Drupal personalization capabilities to create truly targeted, contextual experiences while streamlining and optimizing workflow, accelerating your time to value. Unlike other content personalization tools, Acquia Personalization makes it easy for IT developers and marketers to work well with one another to quickly put solutions in place to build increased loyalty, revenue and growth.

Acquia Personalization integrates seamlessly with Acquia solutions for building, managing and optimizing digital experiences, and with Acquia’s open source email marketing software for orchestrating the omnichannel customer journey.

FAQs: What is content personalization?

What is content personalization?

Content personalization is the task of tailoring web content – including text, offers, calls to action, images, graphic design, recommendations and other elements – based on the interests, intent, behavior and history of individual customers or website visitors.

Why is content personalization important?

By providing web content that is relevant and contextualized to each individual, brands can enhance engagement, increase conversions and improve relationships to create satisfied and loyal customers.