Personalization Software

How an Open Digital Platform Can Eliminate Silos

Content personalization in marketing is hotter than ever, with a growing percentage of marketing budgets each year being allocated toward digital personalization efforts. Personalization seems to check all the boxes for marketers – it increases click-through rates and conversions, builds trust with customers, encourages loyalty and gets customers to spend more time on a website.

But for all its promise, personalization can be a real challenge. The time required to create distribute personalizations across multiple channels can be daunting. And despite a glut of personalization software, nearly three out of four marketers feel that technology makes personalization more difficult.

Acquia can help – with Acquia Personalization, the only personalization software tool optimized for Drupal that lets anyone, even users with no technical skills, point, click and personalize content to engage audiences with more relevant web experiences.

What makes web personalization software so difficult?

Despite a great amount of resources devoted to personalization and many available tools, creating effective personalized experiences is still elusive for most marketers. The reasons for this are varied:

  • Personalization software relies on data, and too often the data it needs is locked up in silos or distributed across various departments and systems.
  • Freeing siloed information requires complex, often pricey integrations, thanks to legacy infrastructure and contract lock-in.
  • Many personalization software tools are complex to use, making it harder for them to gain widespread adoption. And when they require developer resources for implementation and maintenance, personalization projects are likely to get stalled and expensive personalization software is easily shelved. 
  • Few marketing teams have done the homework of articulating their vision, identifying their goals and laying out a road map for personalization. Without these first steps, any attempts to launch a personalization initiative are likely to flounder.

Simplify personalization with Acquia Personalization


Acquia Personalization solves the challenges of providing personalized web experiences with personalization software that connects data sources, eliminates complexity and allows marketing teams to begin personalizing content immediately with a crawl-walk-run paradigm for learning personalization skills.

As a personalization software tool that’s optimized for Drupal, Acquia Personalization is a no-code application that lets anyone, regardless of technical ability, create personalizations simply by pointing and clicking. A unified user interface gives marketers a single place to manage profiles, segment audiences and create personalizations, then launch them across a network of websites.

With Acquia personalization software, digital teams can:

  • Connect systems with open APIs: Acquia Personalization enables teams to leverage existing investments by utilizing open APIs to connect data sources and systems, getting one step closer to a single view of the customer.
  • Simplify complex processes: Acquia’s personalization software reduces the complexity of personalization to a point-and-click process that enables marketers to stop worrying about “machine learning” and “adaptive analytics” and to focus instead on connecting with customers.
  • Start slow and learn fast: Acquia’s crawl-walk-run strategy lets marketers start immediately with simple personalizations and gradually build to more complex use cases to dramatically improve customer experiences across multiple channels.

Key features of Acquia’s personalization software

Acquia’s website personalization software provides a full-featured platform that includes:

  • No code-personalization that lets marketers, even individuals with little to no technical skills, point and click to personalize any part of the page.
  • Three-step campaign creation with guided, step-by-step instructions to simply and quickly create and launch personalizations.
  • A visual builder that lets marketing teams create personalizations from the view of the end-user or customer.
  • Scheduling management that makes it easy to align personalization to business-critical activities.
  • Real-time dashboards and analytics that can be accessed through a central overview dashboard.
  • Unified customer profiles that merge anonymous and known profiles into a single dynamic view of each customer.
  • Real-time adaptive segmentation that defines segments based on numerous criteria.
  • Content syndication across a network of sites and channels with fewer manual processes for greater efficiency.
  • Built-in A/B testing to compare the effectiveness of different content assets and ensure that content and audiences are optimally aligned.

Why make Acquia your personalization software solution? 

Acquia is the open digital experience cloud marketing platform built around Drupal that gives enterprises the ability to build, operate and optimize websites, apps and other digital experiences. With Acquia Personalization, you can leverage the power of Drupal to create truly personal, contextual experiences while streamlining workflows and accelerating time to value.

Brands have many options for Drupal personalization software, but Acquia Lift is the only personalization software tool optimized for Drupal. Acquia Lift lets you build personalizations using the content you’re already creating in Drupal and leveraging the data you’ve already collected. No personalization software tool will integrate more quickly or more effectively with your Drupal site.

Acquia Personalization integrates seamlessly with other Acquia solutions for building, managing and optimizing digital experiences, and with software for marketing automation and for orchestrating touchpoints across an omnichannel customer journey.

FAQs: what is personalization software?

What is personalization software?

Personalization software is a tool that enables businesses and their marketing teams to tailor digital advertising and marketing content to make it more personal and relevant for a target audience. Web content and other marketing communications can be personalized based on visitor behavior, previous communication, geolocation, type of device, browsing behavior, pages viewed, completed events and many other data points.

What are the benefits of personalization software?

Effective personalization software simplifies and automates the process of defining audience segments, creating personalized content and managing content delivery to each audience segment.