Drupal Personalization

How an Open Digital Platform Can Eliminate Silos

Personalization for websites, mobile apps and other digital content has become a top priority for companies focused on the customer experience. But despite a huge investment in resources, content personalization remains a challenge for many digital teams. Some lack the required skills and strategy, while others are limited by a lack of data, disconnected technologies and misalignment of marketing and development teams. 

Acquia Personalization provides a no-code application built on Drupal personalization capabilities that helps digital teams overcome the obstacles to personalization, providing point-and-click functionality that lets anyone, regardless of technical skill, create and launch personalizations for digital experiences.

Why is personalization so hard? 

Audiences today expect brands to deliver highly relevant and personalized experiences that are tailored to their needs and interests. In fact, 74% of customers feel frustrated when website content isn’t personalized for them. That puts a lot of responsibility on the shoulders of digital teams to deliver the right content to customers in real-time, on whatever device or channel they are using at the moment. 

To do personalization well, marketers need deep insight into who their customers are, what they care about and what they want right now. But for many companies, the customer data and marketing technologies required to manage this omnichannel customer journey are unavailable – the data is often locked in silos across disparate systems, disconnected marketing technologies can’t provide the real-time intelligence marketers need, and IT resources to address these issues are scarce.

Adding to the frustration, many digital teams rely on legacy technology systems or new and highly complex website personalization software, neither of which provides the easy-to-use tools that marketers need to simplify personalization and keep it from becoming an all-consuming task.

To successfully personalize content, marketers need personalization software solutions that combine deep insight into the wishes and actions of customers with simple tools for tailoring content to meet their needs. That’s where Acquia Lift can help.

Acquia Personalization: a simple solution for Drupal personalization


Acquia Personalization is a digital personalization solution optimized for Drupal that builds on Drupal personalization functionality to let marketers customize digital properties with simple point-and-click tools. Working from a single console, marketers can analyze customer profiles, create audience segments, syndicate content, and create personalizations in a visual builder that previews how content will appear to the targeted visitor.



Like Drupal, Acquia Personalization is an open platform that can integrate easily with all the elements of the martech stack, from marketing automation and CRM systems to ABM and analytics software. While Acquia Personalization is optimized for Drupal personalization capabilities, Personalization can import content from any other CMS or digital asset management system, providing everything marketers need to personalize digital experiences.

Acquia Personalization augments Drupal personalization tools to provide:

  • Three-step personalization campaign creation for easily creating and deploying personalizations with step-by-step guides
  • Unified customer profiles that capture profile and behavioral data, track visitor implicit interests and merge anonymous and known profiles for a single view of each customer
  • Built-in A/B testing to compare the effectiveness of different content assets
  • A visual builder to preview personalizations as visitors will see them
  • Real-time, adaptive segmentation for defining and targeting customer segments more effectively
  • Content syndication to automate processes for syndicating content across a network of sites and channels
  • Scheduling tools for aligning personalizations to announcements, promotions, events and product releases
  • A central dashboard for tracking metrics and reviewing content and segments
  • An analytics engine that delivers actionable insight through dashboards and reports

Advantages of Acquia Personalization and Drupal personalization 

With Acquia Personalization for Drupal personalization, digital teams can:

  • Increase engagement, conversion and revenue by using Acquia and Drupal personalization tools to solve the challenges of delivering relevant and contextualized content.
  • Start personalizing content with simple steps and increase sophistication over time.
  • Connect data sources and systems with open APIs and integrations that get marketing technologies talking to each other and that make data from disparate systems and silos readily available for use in personalizing content.
  • Increase return on investment for digital content by taking any content data created in Drupal and easily using it to build personalizations in Acquia Personalization.
  • Deliver proof of the impact of Acquia and Drupal personalization capabilities. 

Why make Acquia your Drupal personalization solution?

Drupal users have many third-party options for extending Drupal marketing and Drupal personalization capabilities, but Acquia Personalization is the only personalization tool that is optimized for Drupal. With Acquia Personalization, you can leverage the power of Drupal personalization functionality to create truly targeted, contextual experiences. You can also streamline workflows to accelerate time to value.

Personalization’s point-and-click tools mean that users don’t need to worry about complicated code, and marketers don’t need advanced technical skills to manage personalizations. Personalization also enables marketers and developers to work easily together, helping to build sophisticated programs built on Drupal personalization to enhance the customer experience, increase customer loyalty and grow more revenue. 

FAQs: what is Drupal personalization?

What is Drupal personalization?

Drupal is an open source software platform that enables organizations to easily create and manage a wide variety of websites and digital experiences. Drupal personalization is a module within the Drupal platform that enables marketers to deliver more relevant content to site visitors based on their interests.

How does Acquia Personalization enable Drupal personalization?

Acquia is an open digital experience platform that is built for Drupal, and Acquia Personalization is a solution that is optimized for Drupal personalization capabilities. Acquia Personalization provides powerful features that enable marketers to personalize content with point-and-click functionality, and to analyze user profiles, create segments, syndicate Drupal content and create personalizations in a visual builder, all from a single console.