As the digital landscape continues to evolve at a blistering pace, most content management solutions (CMS) have failed to keep up. Your first-generation CMS platform was probably fine when building a website meant little more than recreating brochures online. Second-generation CMS platforms added more functionality to include video, interactive media and social media and to accommodate mobile devices and tablets. 

But in recent years, with the explosion of digital experiences, media, channels and devices, many companies feel their CMS solution can no longer serve their needs.

For companies seeking a content management system that can enable optimal engagement with audiences while streamlining workflows and improving security, Acquia offers a CMS platform built on Drupal with cutting-edge tools that drive engagement from start to finish.

Key factors when choosing a CMS platform

As you consider what kind of CMS platform you need to manage content today and to future-proof your technology stack for the fast pace of change, there are four critical questions to ask that can help ensure your selection best meets your needs:

  1. Development tools: Does the CMS platform offer development tools that will allow your digital teams to constantly innovate and adapt to rapidly changing digital environments?
  2. Capacity: Does the CMS platform have the ability to handle fast growth and large traffic spikes? Will it scale easily as your business requirements evolve?
  3. Cloud or on-premise: Will a cloud content management system better serve your needs than a CMS on-premise? Which option will offer the greatest benefits in terms of cost, maintenance, upgrades, security, support, staffing and future-proofing your selection?
  4. Open source or proprietary: Will a proprietary or open source system enable you to innovate more quickly, add new functionality and simplify management?

Acquia: a cloud-based CMS platform built on Drupal

Acquia is an open digital experience platform designed for Drupal that enables you to build, manage and optimize all your digital experiences on one CMS platform. As a cloud-based offering built around the open source Drupal content management architecture, Acquia provides the flexibility, scalability and cost-effectiveness that enable your CMS platform to excel as digital environments continue to evolve.



Acquia includes a suite of CMS solutions that enable you to create best-in-class digital experiences across all channels. With Acquia’s CMS for Drupal, you can:

Build and manage superior digital experiences. 

Acquia’s CMS platform brings together everything you need to deliver exceptional digital experiences. 

Personalize content and connect with audiences.

With Acquia, you can deliver personalized content throughout the customer journey, relying on Acquia’s cutting edge tools to engage customers at every step.

  • Acquia Personalization lets you use point-and-click functionality to personalize content, while Acquia Customer Data Platform with Acquia Campaign Studio provides tools that help to build a sequence of personalized touchpoints and triggers based on intelligence gleaned by listening to and learning from customers.
  • Acquia Campaign Studio, the world’s first open marketing automation platform, allows you to personalize multichannel communications at scale, while Acquia Campaign Factory makes it easy to manage multiple Campaign Studio marketing accounts from a central console.

How Acquia delivers exceptional digital experiences

With Acquia’s powerful CMS platform, you can:

  • Move quickly: With Acquia’s cloud-based, open and API-first architecture, you can launch sites and deliver content fast using tools you love, adapting quick and easy to changes in business requirements and the digital landscape.
  • Build ambitious digital experiences: Acquia is highly reliable, enabling you to build and launch new digital experiences with confidence. Built-in monitoring tools help to keep sites and digital experiences performing at optimal levels. Our cloud-based platform makes it easy to add new functionality and to scale as your needs grow.
  • Ensure superior security and strict compliance: Acquia’s CMS platform was built from the ground up for the strongest security. An array of strong access and authentication controls along with different firewall controls provide best-in-class defensive security capabilities, and Acquia’s comprehensive compliance portfolio provides independent audits for a wide range of global compliance frameworks.
  • Deliver content to multiple channels and devices: With support for decoupled architecture, Acquia makes it easy to design content-rich experiences for a wide range of formats, channels and devices.
  • Personalize with ease: Acquia’s CMS platform allows developers and marketers to personalize customer experiences for everything from the homepage down to specific page content that reflect the user’s interest and intent.

Why make Acquia your CMS platform?

Acquia’s CMS platform gives you the freedom to create extraordinary digital experiences based on Drupal. Acquia’s founder is also the creator of Drupal, providing us with unique insight into how best to leverage this open source technology. With Acquia, you get a CMS platform that is marketer-friendly and ready for cloud, with the flexibility of an open source solution and the tools to deliver remarkable personalized experiences.

FAQs: What is a CMS platform?

What is a CMS platform?

A content management system, or CMS platform, is a way of storing, managing and providing access to a wide range of enterprise content. A CMS platform may serve content to a wide range of digital experiences, including websites, mobile devices, CRM systems, chat platforms, IoT applications, conversational UIs and many others.

What are the benefits of a CMS platform?

With a superior CMS platform, organizations can:

  • Create a centralized repository of shared content.
  • Streamline management, scheduling and workflow for enterprise content.
  • Keep content secure.
  • Provide easy access to digital content for non-technical users.
  • Reduce the cost of managing and serving content.
  • Simplify brand management and content control.
  • Customize user roles and permissions.
  • Enable easier design changes by separating content from front-end design.

What is Drupal?

Drupal is a powerful, open-source CMS platform for building a wide range of digital experiences. Supported by a large community of users and developers, Drupal is constantly evolving and improving to meet the needs of a rapidly changing digital landscape.