In their efforts to engage audiences with rich media, marketing teams must use a wide range of digital media such as photos, videos, graphics and audio files. But for teams already stretched thin with other marketing priorities, organizing these assets and ensuring brand consistency while managing permissions can be an overwhelming task.

Acquia provides an answer with Acquia Digital Asset Manager (DAM), a cloud-based digital asset management solution that provides workflows, organization and access to creative and digital assets for building better digital experiences. Acquia DAM works in perfect coordination with Acquia’s CMS for Drupal to provide a comprehensive open digital experience platform.

Managing a rapidly growing collection of digital assets

With the rapid expansion of digital media, marketing teams everywhere are eager to take advantage of rich media assets that have been shown to deliver higher levels of audience engagement. The volume and variety of digital assets seems unending – from images, photos, video and audio files to digital ads, animations, games, PDFs, logos and dozens of other digital media. 

Managing these assets can be an overwhelming task, as multiple versions of files may be stored in a myriad of systems, creating significant problems with version control. Ensuring brand consistency is a top priority, but with digital assets spread throughout the system, it’s difficult to establish and manage any kind of content control policies. Managing permissions and rights for digital media grows more difficult as the number of digital assets continues to grow exponentially. And ideally, marketing teams should have the ability to track and measure how effectively digital assets engage specific audience segments.

Many organizations have some version of a digital asset management system. In some cases, it’s a do-it-yourself collaboration on a spreadsheet, but this ad hoc approach doesn’t offer the kind of centralized management, access control, governed workflows, brand enforcement, licensing management and asset visibility that modern marketing teams require. Other organizations are using legacy point solutions that are part of a content management system, but these solutions are expensive to maintain, difficult to use and don’t easily integrate with other pieces of the martech stack.

The ideal digital asset management system should be a full-featured platform that’s easy to use, built on an open platform and integrated with a full-featured CMS platform. That’s where Acquia Digital Asset Management can help.

Acquia Digital Asset Manager

Acquia Digital Asset Manager is the ideal tool for centralizing, organizing and sharing all digital media files. This digital asset management solution offers rich functionality and easy to use tools that help save time and eliminate the complexity of managing media and collaborating with coworkers.

Acquia’s digital asset management system provides:

  • A central library for digital assets where users can quickly find and access the files they need. Granular permissions streamline access control while a consolidated database of digital assets simplifies brand management.
  • Review and markup tools make it easy for teams in the same office or around the world to collaborate on content and digital assets while leaving an audit trail of feedback and changes.
  • Dynamic templates empower non-designers to create new assets while freeing designers to focus on other priorities. Templates also help to ensure brand consistency when using corporate logos, colors, fonts and images.
  • Workflow tools help to keep the production of assets and materials running smoothly and efficiently, thanks to notifications, analytics and automated approvals.
  • Portals enable marketing teams to distribute brand guidelines and publish approved assets for others to access. Providing rules and presets for image cropping and resizing lets others manage their materials while freeing designers and marketers from constant tasks related to reformatting.
  • Drupal 8 integration and support ensures that every digital asset is current and approved across all Drupal sites.

Advantages of digital asset management with Acquia

Digital asset management with Acquia provides many advantages for marketing teams.

  • Easier access. Acquia Digital Asset Management offers a single cloud-based location where colleagues, agencies and business partners around the world can access the most current digital brand assets that are created with approved brand guidelines, logos, fonts and media.
  • Streamlined workflows. Built-in workflow tools for creating, approving, publishing and connecting make it easy to collaborate on the production of new digital assets. Notifications and auto-escalations help to keep production on track, while features like language detection, suggested keywords, schedule publishing and an extensible API provide marketing teams the tools to modernize the creative process.
  • Meaningful analytics. Acquia’s digital asset management system provides analytics that deliver the data needed to measure the performance and usage of digital assets for a straightforward evaluation of KPIs. A dashboard provides an overview of asset performance, account usage and most popular assets, with tools to narrow and filter metrics by time period, type of asset, and the number of views, downloads, uploads, deletions, shares, logins, searches and more.

Why Acquia is the #1 digital asset management solution for Drupal

Acquia Digital Asset Manager is a natural choice for marketing teams seeking a digital asset management system for Drupal websites. As the only digital experience platform and open source WCM that’s made for Drupal, Acquia makes it easy to manage and serve assets for websites, apps and other digital experiences built on Drupal’s CMS solution. Acquia’s digital asset management system is complemented by a full suite of solutions for building, managing and optimizing Drupal-based experiences, and for marketing solutions that help to deliver more personalized and engaging customer experiences.

FAQs: what is digital asset management?

What is digital asset management?

Digital asset management is the process of organizing, storing and managing access to a wide variety of digital assets and rich media used by organizations and their marketing teams. In contrast to content management solutions that manage documents, web pages and other content, a digital asset management solution is responsible for images, graphics, photos, videos, audio, animations, recordings, webinars, PDFs, logos, ads, and many other types of files. 

What are the benefits of digital asset management?

A superior digital asset management solution can help users to find assets more easily, manage the use of assets with access control and brand enforcement tools, and provide reporting on the use and effectiveness of digital assets.