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E-Commerce Enhancement

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Elevate your product listings, reduce time-to-market, and let your brand’s digital presence shine. Acquia PIM helps you centralize, optimize, and distribute your e-commerce data.

Product UI Illustration of the Acquia PIM dashboard with a product selected
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Sell With Great Content

One View to Unify Everything Customers Read, Watch, and Hear

Enhance your customer experience and product consistency through all digital channels. Demolish data, team, and tech silos. Bring product copy, photos, videos, and technical specifications together to manage product listings and channels to create impactful commerce experiences.

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Support More Channels

Destination-Optimized Content Made Easy

Get your products listed on the channels your customers are shopping on. With 150 automatic connections and counting, Syndicate is constantly updating to stay in sync with downstream channel requirements. You’ll see exactly how your data will be transformed to meet the requirements of a retailer or marketplace, revealing data deficiencies before submitting to a channel.

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Go to Market Faster

Unlock E-Commerce Opportunities With Automation

Maximize your e-commerce sales by getting your products on digital shelves sooner, with greater accuracy, and lower operating costs. Acquia PIM offers automation tools and AI assistance throughout the product content lifecycle so you can get to market faster.

Acquia DAM Has Endless Benefits

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Centralize Product Content

Keep a central hub for everything from product packaging and associated online recipes to feature lists and training videos. 

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Tell Great Stories

Replace time spent tracking down information with shaping the most compelling product stories.

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Get the Right Content to the Right Channels

Use native integrations, APIs, plug-and-play marketplace connectors, digital product catalogs, and CSV exports to get the right content to your website, marketplaces, sales teams, and beyond.

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Expand Quickly

Add new destinations and categories in minutes with Acquia’s “map once” approach.

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Improve Conversion Rates

Make sure your data is complete and formatted properly for each marketplace and retailer channel.

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Avoid Delisting

Never worry about changing requirements again. Acquia Syndicate monitors and updates destination requirements.

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Automate Manual Tasks

Eliminate redundant data entry, automate task creation, and streamline notifications for writers and creatives.

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Optimize Assets for Digital and Print

Transform assets on the fly to support e-commerce, social media, print, and beyond.

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Creative Workflow Harmony

Keep product launches and campaigns moving with a seamless connection between packaging, promotional, and other workflows.

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Acquia has streamlined our process in supplying the data, technical brochures, product drawings, promotions, and digital images that vendors require for their e-commerce sites.

Janet Niemi

Assistant Product Manager for Rheem Australia

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