Customer Experience
How an Open Digital Platform Can Eliminate Silos

It’s a statistic that should serve as a wake-up call for every marketing team: when it comes to delivering a good customer experience, 90% of customers believe that most brands fail to meet their expectations. 

Fortunately, customers are also clear on what it takes to deliver a positive customer experience. Convenience is paramount – customers simply want their interactions with brands to be easier. And they want personalized experiences, where brands treat them as an individual and accurately predict their needs. When their experience meets these expectations, customers are happy to reward brands with their loyalty.

As the marketing landscape continues to evolve and grow more complex, consistently delivering convenient, personalizes experiences across all channels require solutions that can easily access data from sources throughout an organization and create the ideal experience for any channel and message. That’s where Acquia can help – with an open digital experience and cloud marketing platform built on Drupal that makes it easy to build, manage and optimize exceptional customer experiences.

The key to delivering an optimal customer experience

Today’s consumers have more options than ever and their expectations for the customer experience have been shaped by remarkably positive interactions with the world’s most successful brands. The price for failing to deliver on those expectations is high: more than three-quarters of consumers will quit a brand due to a single bad customer experience. On the other hand, consistently positive customer experiences not only result in higher conversion rates, but in lasting loyalty and brand advocacy.

Despite increasing focus on the customer experience, a majority of customers feel that brands are falling short. 60% feel that brands who should know them don’t, and fully two-thirds feel that they’re treated generically when engaging with businesses online.

The key to improving the customer experience is delivering greater convenience, and the surest path to convenience is through personalization. Yet personalization remains a daunting challenge for many digital teams – 57% of marketers surveyed say technology has made it harder to offer personalized customer experiences rather than easier.

Open source marketing solutions offer a solution to this dilemma. By enabling easier integration with other martech systems and technologies throughout the enterprise, open solutions foster the free flow of data that can power personalization efforts. Rather than being locked into a limited range of experiences (as is the case with proprietary solutions), open solutions enable digital teams to create any kind of digital experience they feel is best for a particular customer experience. And because the marketing landscape and the desires of customers are constantly evolving, open marketing solutions provide digital teams with greater flexibility and agility to continue to find new ways to meet their customers’ needs.

By choosing marketing technology that is open at its core, digital teams can more easily take the required steps to deliver on customer expectations with convenient and personalized customer experiences. That’s why so many enterprises today choose to build digital experiences with Drupal, and why they trust Acquia to help them do it more quickly and easily.

Creating personalized customer experiences with Acquia 

Acquia is an open digital experience platform designed for Drupal that enables brands to create ambitious digital properties that deliver superior customer experiences. With a platform that combines tools for building better experiences faster and creating more personalized interactions, we help organizations establish the intuitive and personalized digital experiences that customers expect today. 

Acquia solutions enable brands to deliver the right content at the right time, and to tap into the data and insights that lead to a greater understanding of what works, what doesn’t and why. With Acquia, brands can provide prospective and current customers with what they need at every step of the journey.

Acquia solutions for ambitious customer experiences

Our suite of technologies for improving the customer experience includes everything that brands need to deliver exceptional and personalized digital experiences.

No one knows Drupal like Acquia 

Acquia provides digital teams with the freedom to create extraordinary experiences based on Drupal. Our founder, Dries Buytaert, is also the creator of Drupal, providing our teams with unique insight into the inner workings of the technology that brands around the world are using to build, manage and optimize superior customer experiences. With Acquia, you get a suite of solutions that are marketer-friendly, ready for cloud, with the flexibility of an open source solution and the tools to deliver a remarkably personal and extraordinarily convenient customer experience.

FAQs: what is customer experience?

What is customer experience?

Customer experience, or CX, refers to the collection of interactions that a customer has with a brand, as well as the customer’s perception and feelings about those interactions. A positive customer experience leaves customers feeling satisfied and happy about their brand interactions and creates greater loyalty to the brand.

Why is open source technology important for the customer experience? 

Open source marketing solutions enable more positive customer experiences by providing digital teams with tools that can be easily integrated with business-critical technology throughout the enterprise to collect, aggregate and leverage customer data that is otherwise relegated to data silos in disparate systems.  Open source solutions are easily adaptable as the needs of customers and organizations change. And unlike proprietary systems, open source marketing solutions aren’t limited to a finite number of experiences – digital teams are free to create any experience they feel will best meet the expectations of their customers.