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Bring Order to Content Chaos

By combining Digital Asset Management and Product Information Management from Widen with Acquia Open DXP, brands can centrally manage all of their rich media and product content across the digital customer experience.

Acquia Welcomes 700+ Widen Customers

A Powerhouse Duo

Tools for Marketers and Developers

One of the most exciting benefits of acquiring Widen is that our customers will be able to harness the power of DAM and PIM together. By connecting the two, you’ll be able to streamline your systems, save time and effort, and ensure speed and consistency.

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

A DXP-oriented DAM does much more than store and manage your digital assets: it is the solution that makes your digital strategy possible. 

With Widen, your teams collaborate, coordinate and control your brand with Portals, Assets, Entries, Workflow, Templates, and Insights. 

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Product Information Management (PIM)

The PIM is your source of truth for product information, like product attributes and marketing copy. 

Widen’s PIM works by streamlining internal processes so organizations can deliver consistent, accurate, and high-quality product information to their customers. As a result, brands fuel stronger customer and omnichannel experiences that ultimately drive more revenue. 

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Simplified Digital Asset Management

User-Friendly Features That Scale

One System For All Your Assets

All formats are welcome. See and interact with large previews for logos, documents, videos, work-in-progress files, 360° spin photography, and more.

Self-Serve Access

Empower your teams in every region and timezone to find what they need, when they need it. Leverage permissions to manage access to your site, curated selections via portals, or individual assets.

Keep Your Assets Up-To-Date

Keep track of asset versions and automatically publish updates across all share and embed links.

Transform And Reuse Content

Convert images, videos, and audio files to other formats on the fly. Set up common conversions for social media, slide decks, and webpages or crop and resize as needed.

Automate Manual Process

Use metadata to power your workflows. Set up no-code, rule-based automation to notify users when new content is available. Use AI-powered auto tagging to apply metadata.

Monitor Content Effectiveness

Leverage site- and asset-level analytics to inform decisions. Review change history for audits.

One Hub. Built to Scale.

Digital acceleration has led to an explosion of digital content and the resulting workflow chaos. Work-in-progress and final files are often siloed in individual computers or mazes of shared folders. It’s time to end the struggle to find and distribute content for product launches, marketing campaigns, and sales presentations.

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Acquia + Widen FAQ
Who is Acquia?
Acquia empowers thousands of the world’s most ambitious brands to create digital customer experiences. With open source Drupal at its core, the Acquia Digital Experience Platform (DXP) enables marketers, developers and IT operations teams to rapidly compose and deploy digital products and services that engage customers, enhance conversions and help businesses stand out.
Who is Widen?
Widen is a marketing technology company specializing in digital asset management (DAM) and product information management (PIM). The company’s cloud-based DAM and PIM software simplifies how digital assets, product specs and marketing copy are delivered to market. Award-winning Widen solutions help marketing teams across 700 organizations create, review, manage, distribute and analyze their content across its entire lifecycle.
What is being announced?
Acquia announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Widen, a provider of digital asset management and product information management software. With Widen, Acquia extends its leadership in managing web applications. Customers will benefit from being able to add rich content—such as images, videos, PDFs—to any digital customer experience.
Why is Acquia acquiring Widen?
It’s important to our customers that they have a fully integrated DAM as part of their DXP solution. We evaluated all potential options and considered Widen to be the best fit. The company is growing quickly and has extremely satisfied customers, and the technology can be fully integrated with our DXP.
Tell me about Widen’s software.
The Widen platform is unique in its ability to combine digital asset management and product information management. This means that brands can centrally manage and leverage digital assets with product information across the digital experience. It simplifies how brand, marketing and product content is organized, accessed and delivered to market, empowering teams to find what they need, when they need it. Widen keeps track of versions and automatically publishes updated content across all channels. Plus, metadata, automation and artificial intelligence (AI) power more efficient content workflows. The result: brands leveraging their digital content and product information to build stronger, more consistent, more trusting and longer-lasting relationships with customers.
How will the acquisition impact Acquia customers?
Acquia customers can purchase the Widen DAM and PIM solutions from Acquia, together or to complement Drupal Cloud, Marketing Cloud or Acquia Open DXP. With access to an integrated platform under one roof, Acquia customers will be able to manage all brand content, data and experiences shaping the customer journey. Customers on the current Acquia DAM product may elect to remain on that platform or migrate to the new solution.
Do Widen products support Drupal?
Yes, Widen offers a Drupal Digital Asset Management Module. It lets users do things like search for assets in Widen products and publish them directly within their Drupal application, use embed codes to automatically update new versions of assets in Drupal and use dynamic resizing. Benefits to users include saving time switching between two applications and spending less time uploading and downloading rich media assets. Acquia will devote resources to enhancing this integration.
Who are Widen’s customers?
Widen has more than 700 customers, including prominent brands such as Autodesk, Boston Ballet, Brooks, Carnival Cruise Line, Crayola, Energizer, Hootsuite, New Balance, Progressive and the University of Georgia.
How will the acquisition impact Widen customers?
Acquia will increase investment in Widen R&D to accelerate innovation in the product line. Acquia also will invest in development of the Widen Drupal module, which enables customers to use assets managed by Widen solutions in Drupal 8 and 9 applications. Current Widen customers will retain access to the Widen products and receive support as usual. They also gain the benefit of access to a full range of DXP products that will be seamlessly integrated with their DAM.
How does this impact Acquia and Widen partners?
Acquia will invest in Widen R&D to speed product innovation. At the same time, Acquia will make the products available through its partner ecosystem. Widen partners may continue to work with the Widen partner ecosystem.
How many employees does each company have?
Acquia has nearly 1,400 employees worldwide. Widen has 135 employees, most of whom are in Madison, Wisconsin and London, UK.

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