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Accelerate your brand’s creative operations from concept to completion, delivering consistency and reliability along the way.

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DXP's Central Hub

A DAM That works for you

Get asset management that lives at the heart of your entire experience, with a DAM designed to integrate seamlessly with Drupal.

Welcome to Asset HQ

Use one central source to manage rich media assets to ensure brand consistency across the entire spectrum of customer journeys.

Centralized Asset Library

Acquia DAM keeps everything organized in one place with granular permissions. No more searching through network drives, hard drives and email looking for approved branded images.

Dynamic Templates Free

up your designers and empower your teams to make changes as needed to drive consistency among branded design elements such as the corporate logo, colors, fonts and images.

Effective Collaboration

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Workflow Management

Acquia DAM’s workflow tools encourage team-based collaboration and provide notifications, analytics, and automated approvals to keep asset production running smoothly and efficiently with internal teams and external agencies.

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Collaborative Tools

Our DAM is built for teams to work together in-office or remotely. Image and video markup tools make miscommunication between designers and approvers a thing of the past. In-line comments let teams work together and provide an audit trail of feedback and changes.

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Flexible Organization

Configure your DAM to meet the needs of your designers to build an efficient, cohesive infrastructure for your entire brand, prioritizing high-use brand elements and foundational assets.

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Increase speed to market

When you automate your processes and foster effective collaboration across your organization, you go to market faster. It's that simple.

Acquia DAM: Top Features
Upload and Store
Instant Search Results
Get a clear overview of assets in your portal and find files quickly using filters to narrow down your search.
Google-Style Search
Search on asset metadata, tags, collections and even within a PDF to quickly find the files you’re looking for.
File Preview
View PDFs, watch videos, or look at high-res Adobe files directly in Acquia DAM. No downloads necessary.
Version Control
Ensure your audience always views the most recent, approved assets and maintain versioning control.
Share and Distribute
Group media files of all kinds for simple sharing. Quickly access, edit, and share groups of files.
Directly Embed Media
Save time when publishing content with autogenerated embed codes that can simply be leveraged in your CMS.
User Groups & Permission Profiles
Make assets available to the right people. Define user types to have the access and edit rights for their roles.
Security and Access Control
Ensure information security. Revoke access & set expirations on collections even after they have been shared.
Add watermarks to content for an extra security of your files and to prevent unauthorized distribution.
Share Securely with Acquia DAM Express
Secure and compliant person-to-person file sharing with no file size limits.
Workstream Workflows
Workflow Management
Launch campaigns & allocate responsibilities for all stakeholders in the creative process - internal or external.
Personal Dashboard
Clear overview of all ongoing projects. Here you can determine which tasks are pending and what you need to do.
Customized Approval Flows
Save time, predefine your creative and collaborative processes with the help of approval flow templates.
Tasks and Notifications
Assign and monitor progress to ensure smooth project progression. Stay updated with automatic email updates.
Online Proofing
Review designs and documents online and collaborate by leaving annotations directly on the file in Acquia DAM.
Version Management
A clear overview of all versions handled. When a new version is uploaded, you can easily compare them side by side
Track Production Hours
Monitor the amount of time spent per project per person to easily track time spent working on a project.
Communication and Collaboration
Centralize all collaboration in Acquia DAM, so everyone is always on the same page. No guesswork needed.
Dynamic Templates
Editable Templates
Convert InDesign files into editable templates that anyone can adapt without designers or agencies.
Easy-to-Use In-Line Editor
Leverage a no-code editor to make and view content edits directly. Built-in DPI checks ensure print-quality.
Create Documents in Multiple Languages
Seamlessly produce translations. Select a language and the assigned elements will adjust accordingly.
Automated Conversions and Print Fulfilment
Generate web-content or print-ready PDFs instantly, automatically including country-specific cropping marks.
Approval Management Flows
Automate your content process, enabling seamless handoffs for editing, review and approval the files.
Brand Guidelines
Online Brand Manual
Make it easy for everyone to see what branding elements should be used, so your brand story is on point.
Easy-to-Use Dynamic Editor
Drag and drop all elements such as headlines and images and go deeper into guideline components.
Embedding Brand Elements
Embed all elements from your portal directly into your brand guidelines and make them available for download.
Sharing Brand Guidelines
Provide external parties with access to your brand guidelines and make a specific pages available to the public.
An overview of the portal's traffic and usage including account information, usage, and most popular assets.
Account Information Dashboard
Gather insights on usage including assets by type, storage, users, transfers and workflow jobs.
Usage Dashboard
Visualize activity over time to gain an understanding of how your projects and campaigns are impacting usage.
Most Popular Dashboard
Get a quick overview of the most popular assets and search terms by going to the most popular dashboard.
Narrow down your search to include only the metrics you need for the time period you are looking for.
Generate reports in a few clicks, making it easy to share your portal insights with colleagues or managers.
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faster to upload and tag assets

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new assets added each week by content authors

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