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Your images, logos, videos, pdfs and more, all in one place and easy to update. Acquia DAM is a cloud-based digital asset management tool and central library for all of your Drupal sites.

Highlighted Features

Centralized Digital Asset Library

Acquia DAM keeps everything organized in one place with granular permissions.. Stop searching through network drives, hard drives and email looking for approved branded images.

Drupal Integration & Support

As your brand and number of sites grow, keeping assets in sync can be difficult. Acquia DAM integrates with Drupal to make sure every digital asset on your site is current and approved.

Portal for Publishing Approved Assets

Acquia DAM lets you easily build a portal site to both distribute brand guidelines and publish approved assets for non-designers to access. Download rules and presets for image cropping and resizing gets your marketing team out of the business of basic formatting.

Collaborative Review and Markup Tools

Acquia DAM is built for teams to work together in-office or remotely. Image and video markup tools make miscommunication between designers and approvers a thing of the past. In-line comments let teams work together and provide an audit trail of feedback and changes.

Dynamic Templates

Free your graphic designers up and empower people in the field to make changes to specific graphical design elements such as editing text fields and swapping images while locking down specific branded design elements such as the corporate logo, colors, fonts and images.

Workflow Management

Acquia DAM’s workflow tools encourage team-based collaboration and provide notifications, analytics, and automated approvals to keep asset production running smoothly and efficiently with internal teams and external agencies.

Everything In Its Right Place

Acquia DAM ensures that everyone in your organization, whether they’re sitting across from you, or on another continent, has access to the most current digital brand assets. Access to people outside your company for marketing and design agencies, or business partners will be eager to work with your approved brand guidelines, logos, fonts, and media accessible in one cloud-based location.

Digital Asset management workflow solution

Built-in Workflow Tools for Creating, Approving, Publishing, & Connecting

DAM is built for working together, with tools that accelerate collaborative asset production, review, and approval. Notifications and auto-escalations keep production running smoothly and efficiently, while an extensible API, language detection, scheduled publishing, suggested keywords, and more give your team the power to modernize your creative process and keep your brand on point.

Acquia vs. Competitors

Asset Portal Multiple 1 Multiple 1
Drupal 8 Integration and support
Built on cloud-first technology
Configurable workflows
Collaborative reviews, proofing, markups
Keyword powered by Machine Learning Additional Fee
Onboarding Services & online training
Ready-to-use on "day 1"
Extensible API
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