Campaign Studio

Be there for every stage of the customer journey.

Create and orchestrate customer journeys as unique as your customers across channels, devices and media to make meaningful connections at every turn.

Understand your Consumer

Unify insights into a single, 360° Customer Profile, then watch your customer evolve in real time and adjust to meet their needs.

Integrated Insights

No more siloes. Unify your customer data to develop rich, actionable insights that drive deeper engagement at every stage of the customer journey.

Effortless Segmentation

A more refined targeting strategy means more relevant content. And more relevance means more engagement. That starts with segmentation—and Campaign Studio makes it simple, so you can get your message into market more efficiently.

Customers are People Too

Marketing with Empathy

Don't just find your customers, understand them. Acquia Campaign studio gives you a holistic view of your customers' habits across channels, devices and mediums, giving you the tools you need to meet them where they are.

Make Real Connections

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Quality content, Created simply

Develop engaging, responsive content for any medium through an intuitive drag & drop interface, with HTML, or with partners and agencies. Start with a template or build it for a seamless experience from start to finish.

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Empathy with Insight

Meet your customers where they live. Individually personalize messages across channels in the context of every customer's journey, and make your brand a part of their everyday lives.

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Make it personal

Use existing contact and real-time engagement data to personalize the experience on your website and in your emails by delivering relevant content to individuals in your audience.

Drive Affinity Loyalty Revenue
Drive affinity/loyalty/revenue

Make your customers feel appreciated. Campaign Studio helps you build relevant, personalized experiences across channels to drive affinity, loyalty and revenue.

Orchestrate and Optimize

Journey Builder

Powerful workflows to map out and execute across channels for a seamless experience that anticipates customer needs and delivers delightful moments at every step.

Journey Orchestration

Onboard and automate coordinated touch points across any channel – established or new – to deliver meaningful experiences where your customers are.

Journey Optimization

Receive real-time insights and testing and adjust on the fly to deliver the most compelling experiences for every individual at any given moment, in any given channel.

Journey Analytics

Measure results in real-time and continuously adapt and optimize the customer journey to maximize customer satisfaction and lifetime value.

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Reduction in client setup time


Reduction in email and automation expense

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