Website Personalization Software

How an Open Digital Platform Can Eliminate Silos


Digital teams everywhere are turning to website personalization software to deliver the highly relevant, personalized experiences that audiences demand. But while there are a vast number of tools available, most are difficult to deploy, complex to use and ineffective without access to the right data. 

Acquia provides a solution in Acquia Personalization, a website personalization software tool optimized for Drupal that makes it easy for marketers to quickly and easily personalize customer experiences.

Overcoming the hurdles to personalization

Personalization is like the new Holy Grail for marketing – it promises to engage customers more effectively by delivering content that appeals directly to their interests, needs and preferences, increasing conversions while creating happy and loyal customers. And audiences want personalized content – nearly three-quarters of customers feel frustrated when their web experience is not personalized. 

These expectations have created strong demand for website personalization software that enables marketers to more effectively engage and compete for customers across all digital touchpoints. But deploying website personalization software isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be. Many of these tools are highly complex and hard to manage. They don’t connect easily to other enterprise systems and can’t access the detailed data required to truly do content personalization well. 

Consequently, marketers spend a great deal of time and resources creating and distributing ineffective personalizations, and too often they fail to see the results that would help to prove the impact of their programs. No wonder 74% of marketers feel digital personalization, technology has made it harder rather than easier to deliver personalized communications.

To be successful with personalization, marketers need website personalization software that can deliver a deep understanding of the needs and desires of their customers, and that lets them act quickly to deliver optimal content in the right place and at the right time. Most of all, marketers need personalization software that shields them from the complexity of personalization and lets them focus solely on connecting more successfully with their customers.

Acquia Personalization: easy-to-use website personalization software 

Acquia Personalization is a website personalization software solution optimized for Drupal that lets marketers quickly and easily personalize web content without writing any code. With Acquia Personalization, marketers can point, click and personalize digital properties to increase engagement and improve conversion rates. With Acquia, marketers can enjoy a holistic view of their audiences’ interests and behaviors across their omnichannel customer journey and use that data to personalize and deliver contextualized experiences.

Acquia Personalization provides:

  • A unified user interface where marketers can manage profiles, audience segments and personalization activities in one place and launch them across a network of websites.
  • User-friendly tools that let anyone – even those with no technical skills – use drag-and-drop functionality to build, preview and launch personalizations, including everything from the homepage banner to small blocks of text on subpages.
  • A visual builder that sits on top of digital properties so that marketers can see the personalizations they’re creating from the view of the end-user.
  • A guided, step-by-step campaign creation guide that helps marketers quickly and easily create and launch personalizations on multiple digital properties.
  • A scheduling tool that makes it easier for teams to align personalization campaigns to business-critical activities.
  • A central overview dashboard that provides a real-time view of key metrics, campaigns, segments, popular content and more.
  • Real-time adaptive targeting that helps to refine segments.
  • A/B tests that keep audiences engaged with content that resonates.

The advantages of Acquia’s website personalization software 

With Acquia’s website personalization software, marketing teams can:

  • Begin personalizing content immediately and, through a gentle learning curve, quickly develop more mature strategies and skills to ultimately deliver custom-targeted, omnichannel personalized experiences.
  • Use data collected from the many disparate systems and silos within the organization to deliver digital experiences based on audiences’ real preferences rather than generic personas.
  • Accelerate the buying process with targeted content and offers that deliver more personalized experiences to increase conversions and build loyalty. 
  • Increase the ROI of content by reusing it across a network of sites and channels.
  • Deliver proof of the impact of website personalization software through intuitive analytics that helps to quickly evaluate the success of campaigns.

Why make Acquia your personalization software?

Acquia is the open digital experience company that empowers the world’s most ambitious brands to innovate more easily and create more customer moments that matter. 

Acquia Personalization is the only website personalization software tool that is optimized for Drupal. Acquia Personalization enables marketers to leverage the power of Drupal personalization tools to create more relevant, contextual experiences while streamlining workflows and optimizing marketing efforts. Ultimately, Acquia Personalization enables marketers and IT developers to work easily with one another to provide customers with the best-in-class experiences they demand. 

Acquia Personalization is an integral component of the Acquia platform and integrates seamlessly Aquia’s solutions for managing web content, orchestrating the customer journey and with Acquia’s open source marketing automation solution.

FAQs: what is website personalization software?

What is website personalization software?

Website personalization software is a tool that customizes a visitor’s experience on a website based on certain characteristics, behaviors and history. Website personalization software enables website owners to personalize content, messaging, calls to action, images, design, recommendations and more.

What are the benefits of website personalization software

Website personalization software enables brands to provide website visitors with a more relevant and contextualized experience, using content that speaks directly to their interests, intent and preferences. The result is often higher conversions and more satisfied customers.