Your Data, Our Machine Learning

Your data, our Machine Learning.

Get actionable insights based on unified CDP data with predictive analytics. Identify audiences with one click to put your marketing into overdrive.

Sort Through The Data
Machine Learning at Scale

Sort Through the Data

Acquia Machine Learning runs on any data ingested into the CDP, not just precomputed attributes. This makes marketing smarter, faster, and better at any scale.

Sort Through The Data
No Science Degree Required

No Science Degree Required

Acquia makes it easy for marketers to trust in and actually use machine learning to drive revenue for the business, and cultivate ML adoption company-wide.

Test and Learn

Understand what predicting variables are most important to your business and easily adopt these insights into your campaigns.

Analyze and Act

Leverage the same clusters and models for reporting and insights as for segmentation for campaigns.


Power Out of the Box

Immediate ROI

Get out-of-the-box clusters, models, and recommendations you can instantly leveraqge in analytics and segmentation

Recipe-Based Approach

Our framework based approach lets you create your own models based on pre-built templates to easily adapt machine learning to your business


Configure machine learning to meet the unique needs of your business -- without requiring a development project


If you have a data science team, they can build their own models and feed them into the platform.

Are You Data Curious?

A data-driven organization is a smarter organization. See how you can use Acquia CDP to drive business results through a unified, 360-degree customer profile.

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Acquia Personalization

Make your customers feel appreciated, understood, and heard.

Customer Data Platform Logo
Acquia CDP

Turn insight into action to meet your customers where they live.

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Synthesize the data and generate smarter, more relevant insights.

Icon - Journey Builder
Journey Builder

Connect with your customers at every possible touchpoint.

Identity Resolution Engine
Identity Resolution Engine

Develop a unified view of your target audience.

Snowflake Data Sharing
Snowflake Data Sharing

Eliminate data silos to ensure accuracy and maximize usability.

You're In Good Company

Boost Marketing ROI

Boost Marketing ROI and Profitability

Increase customer engagement, conversion, and revenue by delivering relevant experiences to customers. Get unparalleled insight into your business across channels through an accurate, unified view of your customers.