Customer Data Platform

Insight-driven. Customer focused.

Unlock and unify your data to generate rich insights that drive engagement. Drive stronger ROI through smarter marketing and cultivating authentic experiences.

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Unify your data

Understand your customer

The heart of Acquia CDP. Unify your data into a single, persistent customer profile to generate richer insights, more-effective segmentation, and stronger ROI. 

Turn data into insights

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Get accurate insights

Put your data to work immediately with 300+ out-of-the-box metrics to understand reports and ad-hoc analysis.

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A Data-driven Culture

Results are driven by data. Empower every team with the insights they need, built on the same unified, accurate data set.

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Define customer cohorts

Freeze audience cohorts to compare their performance, track cohort migration, and see your progress toward business KPIs.

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Action starts with access

Technical teams have access to unified CDP data and can easily toggle between reports and queries, as well as share data with external BI tools.

Relevance everywhere

Enhance any third party marketing systems such as email, direct mail, SMS, and website personalization with rich customer intelligence so you can more effectively segment, target, and deliver a true 1:1 experience.

Built-in Journey Orchestration

In addition to connecting to any ESP, Acquia CDP synchronizes rich CDP data and machine learning with Acquia Campaign Studio so marketers can build effective cross-channel customer journeys all in one experience.

Built-in Website Personalization

Acquia CDP connects to our Marketing and Drupal Clouds, as well as any website personalization solution. So it's easier than ever for marketers to build 1:1 web experiences that engage customers and drive ROI.

Machine learning

A competitive advantage

Use machine learning to identify important customer segments and understand what will move the needle. Drive high-impact campaigns that boost ROI.

The only CDP that meets enterprise needs

Fully configurable

Acquia CDP is metadata-configurable through a UI, surfacing any unique attributes or specifications across the whole data pipeline.

Supports high data volumes

Built on a modern SaaS architecture, Acquia' CDP and machine learning framework support enterprises with large volumes of transactions, events, and profiles.

Get immediate insights

The Acquia Data Model ingests data in a format that is instantly understood across Acquia CDP, so you can gain insights and act on data immediately.

Interactive Queries

Use Acquia Interactive Queries' built-in SQL query editor to directly access unified CDP data -- without IT.

2 x

Email open rates

3 x

email clickthrough rates

621 %

increase in Mother's Day campaign ROAS

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Up to 24 %

Conversion rates on "QuickWin" campaigns

6 X

Improvement in SMS conversion rates

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50 %

increase in site visits

25 %

increase in attendance to local events

15 %

increase in baseline revenue from digital marketing campaigns

Tent outdoors at night
125 %

increase in conversion rates

10 %

decrease in customer acquisition costs

9 %

increase in revenue per email