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Create a-ha moments for marketers and relevant experiences for customers through the power of Machine Learning.

Machine Learning

Customer-Level Intelligence

Gain deep insights into who your customers are. Power 1:1 customer experiences uniquely relevant to the individual. 

Amplify Relevant Marketing

Machine Learning to Power Your Business

Likelihood models, advanced clustering, and recommendations enable marketers to drive the right experience for each customer, at scale. 

Machine Learning
Machine Learning
Machine Learning
Machine Learning
Likelihood Models

Understand whether customers are likely to buy, likely to convert, likely to pay full price, and more. Acquia's advanced models accurately identify critical segments of your customers.

Machine Learning
Machine Learning Clusters

Let machine learning do the work of grouping similar sets of customers together, based on patterns in the data. Surface marketing opportunities based on behaviors, personas, seasonality, and more.

Machine Learning

Give customers the right recommendations at the individual level. From discounts to next best products, increase conversion with the right offer. You can also give marketers recommendations about which campaigns to run.

Machine Learning Studio in action

Machine Learning Studio

Give data scientists a workbench for creating and optimizing custom machine learning models -- all built on accurate, unified, and enriched CDP data. 

Machine Learning Launchpad in action

Machine Learning Launchpad

Give non-technical marketers an analytical launchpad for understanding business KPIs -- all built from machine learning models, clusters, and recommendations.

A Proven Approach

A Proven Approach

Designed by some of the greatest minds in the Machine Learning universe, so teams across your organization can use machine learning successfully—without a degree in data science.

Founded on Expertise

Acquia CDP has used machine learning to power insights for more than 15 years. Combine a proven platform with an easy-to-use interface to empower your teams to be data-curious.

Set Up For your Success

Instead of a black-box approach to machine learning, Acquia makes it easy for marketers to understand what variables impact results, using A/B testing to ensure the data you get is actionable.

Adapt as you Go

There's a System to It
Power out of the Box

For a plug-and-play approach, choose from a variety of pre-built predictive models, persona based clusters, and personalized recommendations you can use immediately and easily adapt to your needs.

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increase relevance with Fuzzy clustering

With fuzzy clustering, your customers can be grouped into multiple machine learning segments to maximize campaign effectiveness and audience reach.

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Build for your NeedS

Use your Machine Learning framework like you're following a recipe. Configure models, clusters, and recommendations to ensure you're using the right blend of tools for your business.

Give Insights to all Team
You're in Control

The power's in your hands. Create your own custom models and feed them into Acquia CDP to generate meaningful insights that drive your digital initiatives.

Insights That Work Harder

Big Data Done Differently

Acquia's powerful CDP does the work for you using a series of model outputs that generate smarter, faster, and more effective insights at any scale.

A Billion Predictions a Day

Literally. Across all of our clients, our framework draws from an incredible number of data sources with auto-scaling built in, so you can leverage machine learning without limits.

Data's Greatest Hits

Powered by big data technology like Python, Apache, MLFlow, and Qubole, our ML framework gives you strong analytics over spans a range of brands and industries.

A Complete Insight Engine

Sync your data across the entire Marketing Cloud, with model outputs that support every use case. Acquia CDP communicates with all your tools to help you segment, analyze, and strategize.

Stronger Relationships

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Make Deeper Connections

Use machine learning to make your interactions more human. With a model that analyzes data at every touchpoint of the customer journey, you can grow your relationships with existing customers, and quickly connect with new ones.

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See What's Coming Next

Use predictive analytics to anticipate your customer's next step, so you can create a more relevant experience, rooted in empathy and powered by customer insights.

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Machine Learning Empowers People

When you feel more confident in your insights, you take more decisive action. Our ML platform helps create a culture of confidence and curiosity, so you can make decisions faster, maximize impact, and increase the power of your data.

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Grow Through your Organization

Foster an organizational culture built on data science, not just data alone. So you can drive a better experience for your customers, and take your business into the future.

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125 %

increase in conversion rates

10 %

decrease in customer acquisition costs

9 %

increase in revenue per email

Kitchen appliances
Up to 24 %

Conversion rates on "QuickWin" campaigns

6 X

Improvement in SMS conversion rates

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1,500 %

increase in direct mail responses

200 %

increase in paid social clickthroughs