Journey Builder

Journey Builder

Automate and orchestrate every customer journey, then meet customers wherever their journey takes them. Visually map and execute journeys unique to each individual on all channels, creating meaningful moments whenever and wherever they engage.

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Build And Automate Workflows

With Acquia Campaign Studio, you can deliver a holistic customer experience that is easy to design and manage. Our visual journey builder tool makes it easy to see each stop in a workflow. Using the built in if/then logic, you can create simple transactional campaigns or complex journeys. 

Managing your segments within the platform allows you to choose when certain audiences are engaged in a multi-step campaign. The dynamic content feature provides the ability to personalize at the individual contact level.

End-to-End Customization

Once you've designed your customer journey, you can then design emails to fit every stage of the workflow. Acquia Campaign Studio's email builder is a seamless tool that offers the ability to edit HTML directly or to use a WYSIWYG editor.

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Customer Journey Management

Customer Journey Management

Unify channel activation across all channels – online or offline, paid or owned, proven or future – to bring harmony and relevance to every step of the customer experience.

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Unlock and unify your data to generate rich insights that drive engagement. Drive stronger ROI through smarter marketing and cultivating authentic experiences.

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