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Identity Resolution Engine

Get a single, accurate source of truth across your entire business. By unifying data from all sources to create a 360-degree customer profile, you get accurate insights that help you create more impactful campaigns.

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Ingest and Unify Customer Data

Rely on accurate insights to increase the relevance of customer engagement. Ingest first party data with real-time connectors and APIs to create a single view of the customer built from any system that collects transaction, profile, or event data.

Ingest and Unify Customer Data
CDP Machine Learning Square Animated

Data you can rely on

If you have to worry about the validity of your data, it doesn't do anything for you. From standardizing contact records, genderizing names, validating postal addresses, and more, Acquia cleanses your data to ensure maximum accuracy.

Dedupe and stitch for more concise data

Dedupe and stitch online cookie and profile data with offline customer data. With exact and fuzzy matching, link customer activities across channels to a unified customer profile even if there is only a partial name, address, or email match.

Take action on your data in real time

Take action on your data in real time

Put your data to work as it comes in to drive in-the-moment insights and campaigns. Ingest data via real-time APIs to automatically update the unify 360 profile and run real-time campaigns.

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Acquia Customer Data Platform

Unlock and unify your data to generate rich insights that drive engagement. Drive stronger ROI through smarter marketing and cultivating authentic experiences.

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Democratize data across your organization through visual, easy to use dashboards, reports, and ad-hoc analysis. Empower all teams with access to data that's easy to understand—and put to work.

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