How an Open Digital Platform Can Eliminate Silos

Drupal’s content management software enables thousands of organizations worldwide to build and manage ambitious digital experiences. Built on a flexible, modular and open platform, Drupal delivers powerful tools for easy content authoring, reliable performance and excellent security. 

But in the rapidly changing digital environment, marketing and development teams in a Drupal enterprise need to build experiences even faster and integrate marketing campaigns more seamlessly. That’s where Acquia can help – with an open digital experience platform that provides Drupal enterprises with solutions to accelerate development and to automate, personalize and orchestrate marketing campaigns more easily.

Acquia solutions for the Drupal enterprise 

Acquia brings together everything Drupal enterprises need to deliver exceptional digital experiences on the only platform optimized for Drupal 8. With Acquia, digital teams can deliver personalized content across an omnichannel customer journey with cutting edge tools that drive engagement from start to finish.

Among Acquia’s solutions are technologies that help Drupal enterprises solve two of their most pressing problems: the need to build Drupal sites faster, and the need to build decoupled or headless Drupal experiences.

  • To enable digital teams to streamline development, Acquia Lightning provides a Drupal distribution that combines the functionality of the Drupal platform with a curated selection of modules, themes, libraries and configurations that enable developers to hit the ground running and to build better Drupal sites faster. Developers no longer need to sort through a myriad of options, themes and distributions before starting an enterprise website – they can simply use out-of-the-box tools to choose layouts, drag-and-drop assets, schedule content and preview experience before it goes live.
  • To enable Drupal 8 development teams to build headless Drupal projects, Acquia now provides built-in support for Node.js, allowing developers to use a single platform to create projects with back-end Drupal applications and server-side rendered front-end applications.

Additional Acquia technology

The Acquia platform offers multiple solutions for:

  • Creating best-in-class experiences: Acquia Cloud offers fully managed Drupal hosting solution along with tools for building and managing Drupal-based experiences. Acquia Site Factory provides digital teams with the fastest way to build, update and centralize hundreds of Drupal websites at a global scale. Acquia Site Studio is a low-code, Drupal add-on solution that helps to speed build times by as much as 4x with more inclusive, collaborative and agile development tools. Acquia Digital Asset Manager is a cloud-based digital asset management tool that offers a central library for all Drupal sites. Acquia Commerce delivers a secure and flexible platform for content-rich commerce.
  • Personalizing content and connecting with audiences: Acquia Personalization is the only personalization tool optimized for Drupal, providing point-and-click functionality for personalizing content. Acquia Campaign Studio is the world’s only open marketing automation platform, simplifying automation of personalized communication across all digital properties and channels. Acquia Campaign Factory simplifies management of multiple Campaign Studio marketing automation accounts from a central location.

Benefits for the Drupal enterprise

With Acquia, the Drupal enterprise can:

  • Deliver superior digital experiences on any channel and device: With support for headless Drupal projects, Acquia enables Drupal enterprises to build experiences that combine Drupal’s robust back-end capabilities with front-end experiences rendered with the tools developers feel will best meet the expectations of customers. 
  • Launch digital experiences fast: With robust development tools and environments out of the box, Acquia makes it easy for digital teams to quickly begin building Drupal-based experiences.
  • Scale with ease: With Acquia, organizations can build and manage hundreds of sites from a single platform.
  • Future-proof your digital express platform: As an open solution, Acquia ensures that your marketing technologies can adapt to changes in the digital landscape and the emergence of new technologies, channels and devices.
  • Simplify management: Acquia’s managed Drupal hosting solution frees digital teams in Drupal enterprises from the responsibility for managing infrastructure.
  • Personalize content with ease: Acquia makes personalization easy with point-and-click functionality that lets digital teams customize everything from the homepage to specific content on subpages according to the visitor’s intent and interests.

Why the Drupal enterprise needs Acquia 

Acquia is the open digital experience company that enables the world’s most ambitious brands to embrace innovation and create customer moments that matter. Acquia’s founder and CTO, Dries Buytaert, it is also the creator of Drupal and continues to serve as its project lead. With Drupal in our DNA, our team has unique insight into the inner workings of the core technology that powers the web experiences of the many of the world’s most recognizable brands. That kind of expertise enables us to help our clients get the most from their Drupal deployment and to continue contributing to the Drupal open source project. 

To learn more about Drupal, download our Drupal 8 guide that offers a look at the latest improvements, tools and capabilities in Drupal version 8.8.

FAQs: what is a Drupal enterprise?

What is a Drupal enterprise?

A Drupal enterprise is an organization that uses the Drupal open source platform to build, manage and optimize digital experiences. 

What is Acquia?

Acquia is an open digital experience platform optimized for Drupal, providing infrastructure, support and services that help organizations to build better Drupal sites faster and to personalize, automate and orchestrate Drupal marketing campaigns more easily.