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The Drupal-Powered Enterprise

The Drupal-Powered Enterprise white paper identifies three ways to capitalize on Drupal as a unified platform for low-cost, central management of multiple websites.
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Delivering Extraordinary Web Experiences without Extraordinary Burdens

Tips for Drupal Performance

Today, digitally savvy companies manage a growing set of web experiences. But the willy-nilly addition of standalone sites within the enterprise – typically built on an array of technologies by disparate groups — leads to wasted efforts, unnecessary expenses, and problems sharing content and capabilities.

The solution is a consistent yet flexible and extensible platform for content delivery, based on Drupal. The Drupal-powered enterprise relies on a scalable content infrastructure while also reducing development and operating costs. There are three ways to capitalize on Drupal for web experience management.

  • Multi-tenant, where Drupal delivers multiple experiences through a single website.
  • Hybrid, where Drupal relies on a single distribution to provide a consistent collection of features, but provides each site its own database.
  • Multi-instance, where each site runs on its own database and Drupal code, maintained by a unified deployment environment.

With its modular infrastructure and its attention to all things content-related, Drupal readily supports multiple web experiences across an enterprise. At the same time, Drupal reduces the costs and complexity of application development while optimizing ongoing management, maintenance, and support investments.