Managed Drupal Hosting

As digital teams strive to engage customers across a growing number of channels and devices, many are turning to Drupal to build and manage superior digital experiences and customer moments that matter. But few digital teams want responsibility for monitoring performance, ensuring security and maintaining infrastructure for the Drupal platform – they’d rather focus on building exceptional Drupal experiences.

That’s where managed Drupal hosting with Acquia Drupal Cloud can help. As the only Drupal Cloud hosting solution that’s built for Drupal developers by Drupal developers, Acquia Drupal Cloud provides everything from hosting infrastructure to world-class support, freeing up digital teams to do what they do best.

Acquia Cloud – the #1 managed Drupal hosting platform

Acquia Drupal Cloud is the leading managed Drupal hosting and development platform, providing support for both traditional Drupal applications and decoupled Drupal applications. Providing all the tools teams need to develop, deliver and manage digital experiences across multiple channels and devices, Acquia’s managed Drupal hosting solution allows teams to execute at scale on a global platform and drive deeper customer engagements through contextual, cross-channel experiences.


As a fully managed hosted Drupal solution, Acquia Drupal Cloud provides:

  • Drupal hosting: Acquia’s solution for Drupal managed hosting handles service configuration, automation, orchestration and operation of the Drupal platform, managing all aspects of the infrastructure to enable digital teams to focus on innovating experiences and engaging customers.
  • Development tools: Out-of-the-box tools enable developers to quickly build, test and optimize powerful applications, relying on APIs, command-line tools and integrations to streamline development workflow.
  • Application support: Our managed Drupal Cloud hosting platform provides 24/7 support in all time zones and seven languages, with experienced technical account managers and client success teams available to help implement best practices and quickly resolve issues.
  • Enterprise-grade security: Acquia’s managed Drupal Cloud hosting solution is built from the ground up with security in mind, providing a variety of strong access and authentication controls as well as different firewall controls for best-in-class defensive security capabilities. Add-ons like Acquia Cloud Edge bring additional security and performance improvements to your CDN edge.
  • Compliance: Our technology stack is independently validated against the most rigorous global compliance standards, including PCI DSS, HIPAA, FedRamp, Privacy Shield, GDPR, SOC and ISO 27001.

Advantages of managed Drupal hosting with Acquia

When you choose web hosting for Drupal with Acquia Drupal Cloud, you can create, scale and manage applications and digital experiences knowing that you are leveraging the best that Drupal has to offer.

Additional benefits of Acquia managed Drupal hosting include:

  • Greater productivity: Managed Drupal Cloud hosting enables digital teams to focus solely on building and managing customer experiences, rather than monitoring and troubleshooting the underlying technology. 
  • Optimal performance: Acquia Drupal Cloud ensures your sites are always tuned and optimized for maximum performance. Superior monitoring and optimization tools and a 99.95% uptime SLA mean your Drupal-based experiences will always perform as needed to engage customers more effectively.
  • Fast deployment: Managed Drupal Cloud hosting with Acquia allows developers to start building sites immediately, using powerful out-of-the-box tools and Dev-Stage-Prod environments along with APIs, CLIs and pre-built integrations that streamline the development workflow.
  • Easy scalability: Acquia Drupal Cloud lets you build and manage hundreds of ambitious digital experiences on a single platform.
  • Support for decoupled Drupal: With built-in support for Node.js runtime, developers can create back-end applications with Drupal and server-side rendered front-end applications on the same platform.

Why choose Acquia for managed Drupal hosting?

Acquia invented the Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) for digital experiences, and Acquia Drupal Cloud is the premier platform for hosting and developing Drupal sites. We have a unique insight into the inner workings of the core technology that powers Drupal applications – our founder, Dries Buytaert, is also the founder of Drupal, and Acquia continues to be Drupal’s biggest backer.

With managed Drupal hosting from Acquia, you get a single native cloud platform that’s designed to deliver exceptional Drupal experiences, providing all the tools your digital teams need to engage your customers across all channels.

FAQs: what is managed Drupal hosting?

What is Drupal?

Drupal is an open source content management system written in PHP that allows developers to build a variety of digital experiences such as websites, social media sites, web applications and intranets. Supported by a large community of developers and contributors, Drupal powers many of the web’s most recognizable brands.

What is managed Drupal hosting? 

Managed Drupal hosting is a service offered by a Drupal hosting provider where the provider is responsible for managing Drupal on its own infrastructure, enabling customers to take advantage of Drupal’s functionality without needing to worry about configuring, managing, orchestrating or troubleshooting the Drupal platform.

What is Acquia Drupal Cloud? 

Acquia Cloud Platform is the #1 managed Drupal hosting solution. Built for Drupal developers by Drupal developers, Acquia Cloud Platform provides robust out-of-the-box development tools along with security and support that allows digital teams to build ambitious digital projects. 

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