Drupal Open Source

How an Open Digital Platform Can Eliminate Silos

Organizations of all sizes are turning to the Drupal open source content management framework to build more compelling and ambitious digital experiences. With support for decoupled architecture, Drupal 8 offers more flexibility than ever before, enabling digital teams to rely on Drupal’s vaunted CMS capabilities to organize back-end content while using their tools of choice to design and render the front-end experience. 

To help organizations get more from their Drupal open source deployments, Acquia offers an open digital experience platform that features tools to build, manage and optimize sites more effectively and efficiently, and to personalize, automate and orchestrate marketing campaigns on Drupal open source applications.

Why an open source content management system makes sense

While proprietary content management systems have dominated the marketing space since the beginning of the digital era, open source systems are now better positioned to enable digital transformation for ambitious brands. An open source content management system like Drupal enables digital teams to:

  • Adapt easily to digital evolution: As new digital technologies continue to proliferate, Drupal open source solutions can be easily adapted to meet new requirements and take advantage of new opportunities. A wide and supportive community of developers and contributors are continually improving and extending the platform to deliver additional functionality.
  • Engage audiences on more channels: New channels and devices are constantly emerging, and the open integrations and APIs of the Drupal open source platform make it easy to serve content to these new platforms.
  • Minimize the cost of managing CMS tools: There are no licensing fees for the Drupal open source CMS, enabling companies to save hundreds of thousands of dollars that proprietary systems may charge.
  • Build better user experiences: With support for decoupled architecture, Drupal enables developers to use the right tools for any project to render the best user experience for an enterprise website, application or other digital property.

Acquia: a platform for building Drupal open source digital experiences

To enable brands to leverage the Drupal open source framework, Acquia provides a suite of solutions that make it simple to create best-in-class Drupal experiences and automated marketing campaigns that run on Drupal applications.

Acquia is an open digital experience platform that was made for Drupal. Founded by Dries Buytaert, the creator of Drupal, Acquia is designed to make Drupal easier to use and scale, providing infrastructure, support and services from a team of Drupal experts. Acquia is one of the leading contributors to Drupal, and with unique insight into the inner workings of the Drupal open source platform, Acquia provides expertise and solutions that help brands to leverage the power of this flexible CMS platform.

Solutions to power Drupal open source sites 

Acquia provides several solutions for building, managing and optimizing Drupal open source experiences. 

  • Acquia Cloud combines Drupal hosting with development tools, hosting services and enterprise-grade security to keep sites and applications running at peak performance
  • Acquia Site Factory provides tools for building, updating and centralizing hundreds of Drupal websites on a global scale
  • Acquia Lightning is a Drupal open source distribution that enables developers to build better sites faster
  • Acquia Site Studio provides tools to speed development by as much as 4x with low-code, collaborative and agile tools
  • Acquia Digital Asset Manager simplifies the task of managing digital assets in a central library
  • Acquia Commerce provides solutions for seamlessly integrating content and commerce

Acquia’s open marketing technologies

In addition to tools for creating Drupal open source sites and experiences, Acquia offers a suite of marketing solutions for personalizing content, automating campaigns and orchestrating the customer journey.

  • Acquia Personalization enables all members of the digital team to personalize content with point-and-click personalization software.
  • Acquia Campaign Studio is the world’s only open marketing automation platform, enabling organizations to send multichannel communications scale and personalize experiences for individual contacts.
  • Acquia Campaign Factory makes it easy to manage multiple Campaign Studio marketing automation accounts from a single location to scale marketing operations across the enterprise.

FAQs: what is a Drupal open source CMS?

What is the Drupal open source CMS?

Drupal is a leading open source content management system and is used to create many of the world’s most recognized digital experiences. Drupal provides easy-to-use tools for building websites, applications and other digital experiences, and is supported by a large community of contributors and developers who continually work to improve the code and extend functionality through modules, themes and distributions.

What is Acquia?

Acquia is an open source company that provides a digital experience platform built on Drupal. Acquia solutions enable brands to get more value from their Drupal CMS with tools to build sites faster, manage experiences more efficiently and to automate, personalize and orchestrate marketing campaigns with ease.

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