Drupal 8
How an Open Digital Platform Can Eliminate Silos

Drupal 8 is the new standard for creating amazing digital experiences. With a powerful set of tools and support for decoupled architecture, Drupal 8 lets digital teams build almost any integrated experience they can imagine. But as the era of digital transformation pushes brands to deliver a growing number of digital experiences more quickly, digital teams need solutions that help to accelerate the pace of Drupal 8 development.

Acquia Lightning, part of Acquia’s open digital experience platform, is an open source Drupal 8 distribution that provides preselected modules, configurations and a powerful set of tools to help developers build ambitious Drupal experiences more quickly.

Drupal 8 development challenges

Web developers and site builders play an increasingly important role in any enterprise that wants to use digital experiences to compete more successfully. Audience demand is skyrocketing for stellar digital experiences across a wide variety of channels, and successful companies are responding by building new sites and applications with greater speed.

Drupal 8 provides the tools and framework to build incredible experiences, enabling developers to create multichannel experiences across any browser, screen or device. Drupal 8 also supports headless architecture, enabling developers to use Drupal as a back-end CMS while rendering front-end content with their tools of choice. And Drupal 8 makes it easier for development and content teams to collaborate, providing tools for content creation and editing along with workflow and collaboration that make it easier to publish to multiple channels.

The challenge for developers is that, with a feature-rich ecosystem that is as large as Drupal’s, getting started on new projects can be time-consuming. There are 2000+ production-ready modules and themes for Drupal 8, and 6000 more in development. Selecting the right modules and navigating potential options for features requires complex analysis that can slow production timelines down.

That’s where Acquia Lightning comes in, providing more functionality out-of-the-box to deliver faster time to value.

Acquia Lightning: accelerating Drupal 8 development

Acquia Lightning is an open source Drupal 8 distribution that provides enterprise website builders and editorial teams with a powerful set of tools to build Drupal 8 sites better and faster. Lightning packages a curated set of capabilities that are focused on making page layouts, media management, content creation and workflows faster and easier. With Acquia Lightning as a starting point, developers can create enterprise-level experiences faster, hitting the ground running rather than spending weeks learning the ins and outs of a custom framework and selecting the right modules.



Acquia Lightning provides assistance in four key areas:

  • Layout: Lightning provides layout design and page-building capabilities that let developers and site builders share page-building responsibilities with content authors.
  • Media: Lightning allows Drupal 8 sites to ingest and manage a wide array of media sources by providing a preselected and preconfigured collection of modules that create a searchable media library.
  • Workflow: Lightning lets digital teams create customized publication workflows and provides content moderation capabilities and great UX enhancements for editors.
  • APIs: Lightning provides an opinionated selection of tools for rapidly creating APIs that make it easy to connect Drupal 8 applications to other systems. 

What can you do with Acquia Lightning?

Empowered by Acquia Lightning, developers and site builders can:

  • Build Drupal 8 projects faster: Lightning can cut development time by up to 30%, enabling brands to use Drupal sites to get to market faster.
  • Streamline authoring experiences: Lightning enables empowers editorial teams to collaborate with developers on building pages and on more efficiently selecting layouts, media, content and experiences to engage and convert visitors.
  • Eliminate complexity: Drag-and-drop tools make it easy for site builders to lay out pages with images, videos and other rich media.
  • Collaborate easily: Lightning provides team-friendly content workflows that streamline processes for reviewing, approving, scheduling and publishing.

More ways to simplify Drupal 8

Acquia Lightning is part of a suite of cutting-edge tools that are part of Acquia, an open digital experience platform built for Drupal 8. Acquia’s offerings also include:

  • Acquia Cloud, a Drupal hosting solution for building and managing digital experiences of all shapes and sizes
  • Acquia Site Factory, providing solutions for building, updating and centralizing hundreds of Drupal websites on a global scale
  • Acquia Site Studio, a low-code site builder for Drupal 8 that speeds development times by as much as 4x
  • Acquia Digital Asset Manager, a cloud-based digital asset management tool and central library for Drupal sites
  • Acquia Commerce, a secure and flexible platform for content-rich experiential commerce

Acquia also provides a Drupal 8 guide written by the foremost Drupal experts within Acquia.

FAQs: what is Drupal 8?

What is Drupal 8?

Drupal 8 is the latest release of the Drupal open source content management system, a leading platform for building ambitious digital experiences. Drupal is used to create websites, blogs, e-commerce sites, social networking sites and many of the world’s most recognized digital experiences. Drupal is supported by a large community of contributors and users who help to improve and extend the platform.

What is Acquia Lightning?

Acquia Lightning is a Drupal 8 distribution that streamlines and accelerates the process of building and delivering feature-rich sites and provides powerful enterprise authoring capabilities for experience creators.