Personalize your digital experience

Personalize your digital experience

Every touchpoint should be individually personalized. Select the right insights to humanize your brands and connect with customers across channels.

Experiences The Connect
Personalize Every Experience

Experiences That Connect

Test and tailor across all channels and systems to create more engaging experiences for every individual wherever and whenever they are engaging.

Experiences The Connect
Informed By Data

Informed by Data

When you have the data, the decisions come naturally. Acquia's data model provides rich insights that drive confident business decisions.

Unified Insight

Leverage an open and centralized data foundation to unify all data, create complete, accessible customer profiles, and manage experience creation, operation, and activation.

Unified Analytics

Access, interpret and intelligently infer insights across all channels and sources to track real-time experience performance, uncover outlier segments, and deliver contextual value to all individuals.

Personalize Intelligently

Personalization optimized for Drupal and powered by Acquia CDP. Anyone can deliver personalized experiences quickly and easily across channel with no-code individualization and testing.

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Personalize any part of the page, no code involved.

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Campaign Studio

Guided, step-by-step personalization, all from a single location.

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Campaign Factory

Personalize from the point of view of their end user or customer.

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Journey Builder

Automatically deliver experiences in the right language, with global scale.

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Multilingual Personalization

Align personalization campaigns to promotions, sales and events.

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Actionable analytics help quickly evaluate the success of campaigns.

You're in Good Company

Drupal and Acquia are helping us turn 52M anonymous readers into addressable consumers.

Ingo Rübe CTO of Hubert Burda Media
Drive Personalization

Drive Personalization at Scale

Unify your experience operations onto a single, open and agile platform connecting intelligent insights, analytics, content and data management, and personalization to create differentiating experiences that drive loyalty.