Multilingual and Localization

Multi-Lingual & Localization at Scale

Delivering content in the right language is critical to engaging with your global audience. Thinking about digital transformation at scale requires you to speak the language and understand the culture of your buyer.

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A World of Multi-Lingual Capabilities

Drupal Offers Full Translations
Detection of Preferred Language
Right-to-Left-Text Direction
Drupal Offers Full Translations
Drupal offers full translations

Core modules in Drupal allow full translation of every part of a site.

Detection of Preferred Language
Detection of Preferred Language

Drupal also allows for detection of (assumed) preferred language according to the user's IP address, URL, etc

Right-to-Left-Text Direction
Right-to-Left Text Direction

Drupal supports languages with right-to-left text direction. By default Arabic, Hebrew, and Farsi are included.

Delivering Localization at Scale

Lionbridge is a premier translation partner offering human and machine translation services. Lionbridge’s Language Platform is integrated with Drupal Cloud to provide an automated workflow to exchange translations between Lionbridge and Site Studio.

Delivering Localization at Scale

Site Studio & Lionbridge Integration Benefits

  • 60% reduction in translation turnaround times
  • AI-driven workflows to match professional translators with domain expertise
  • 350+ languages with industry specification and customization
Site Studio and Lionbridge Integration Benefits

Localize Easily with Low-Code

Fully integrated low-code approach to localization powered by Acquia Site Studio and Lionbridge enables you to integrate translation into your site building workflows.

Speed to Market

Scalability and Ease of Use

As you scale globally, you need to deliver multilingual content quickly, so you’ll need the ability to:

  • Quickly create new sites
  • Enforce brand governance across your portfolio
  • Deliver content on multiple channels
  • Enable non-technical users
Scalability and Ease of Use
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More About Site Studio

A better way to design, build, and enhance your Drupal site. With low-code site building UI, Site Studio works for all business users, even non-technical ones.

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Build and manage your portfolio of sites. Whether you have 10 unique sites or 10,000 similar sites, Site Factory is the solution for you. It provides centralized governance and allows each site to have its own unique design and UX.

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