Open Source Marketing Automation

How an Open Digital Platform Can Eliminate Silos

Marketing automation is the key to effectively engaging customers, personalizing content and maintaining competitiveness. But deploying and managing proprietary automation platforms can be complex, costly and highly limiting for marketing teams striving for greater agility.

Acquia provides a solution in Campaign Studio, the world’s first open source marketing automation platform that gives organizations and their marketing teams the flexibility to move quickly, adapt easily and automate personalized communications across all digital properties and channels.

Why open source marketing automation makes sense

The advantages of marketing automation are widely understood. A marketing automation solution enables organizations to:

  • Save time by automating a myriad of time-consuming tasks, allowing marketing teams to do more with fewer resources and freeing marketers to focus on building more engaging, creative and effective campaigns
  • Leverage a wider array of data to gain a clearer understanding of customers and their behavior, preferences and interests
  • Launch, manage, track and report on marketing campaigns, optimizing efforts to improve engagement and deliver results
  • Minimize errors, inefficiencies and missed opportunities by systematizing all aspects of marketing campaigns and routines
  • Personalize content more effectively to increase engagement and drive deeper relationships with customers

For all the benefits of marketing automation, most marketing automation platforms are highly complex to deploy, manage and upgrade. Proprietary systems lock companies into a specific set of solutions, robbing them of the ability to use the best tools for any particular job. Successful marketing campaigns need data from a wide range of systems and must tap into the full power of the martech stack, yet proprietary marketing automation solutions are more interested in investing in their own products than creating integrations for data and other technologies. And on top of these challenges, the cost of proprietary marketing automation systems can consume a significant part of marketing budgets.

The answer: open source marketing automation technology that provides all the benefits of marketing automation on a cost-effective, future-proofed open platform that enables easier integration, innovation and evolution as the marketing landscape changes.

Campaign Studio: the world’s only open source marketing automation platform

Campaign Studio from Acquia is the world’s only open source marketing automation campaign management platform. With Campaign Studio, customers can automate, personalize and measure the entire customer lifecycle across every channel, at every stage and every interaction throughout an omnichannel customer journey.

With this open source marketing automation solution, organizations of any size can communicate with customers across all channels while personalizing the experience for each individual. Campaign Studio helps teams collect contact information, optimize and repurpose campaigns and report on results. No other solution enables marketing teams to move and adapt as quickly to changing business needs as Campaign Studio.

To solve the challenge of gathering data from disparate systems and connecting to other technologies, Campaign Studio offers more than 100 martech integrations out-of-the-box along with API libraries for integration with virtually everything else.

The Campaign Studio cloud marketing platform also provides tools to:

  • Understand customers better with website tracking that turns websites into a valuable data collection asset
  • Personalize web experiences with dynamic and relevant content that uses existing contact and real-time engagement data to improve the customer experience
  • Increase conversions with landing pages with custom content and design for each target audience
  • Simplify campaign management with automated campaign orchestration and an intuitive, visual builder that makes it easy to send email, text, mobile and web messages
  • Improve the effectiveness of email marketing with highly flexible templates and an open source marketing automation program that makes it simpler to deliver and optimize effective emails

Benefits of open source marketing automation from Acquia

As the world’s only open source marketing automation solution, Campaign Studio offers significant advantages to marketing teams over closed, proprietary systems.

  • Simpler, automated campaigns: Campaign Studio makes it easier than ever to execute effective campaigns, combining tools for email nurturing, personalization, A/B testing and measuring results. With Campaign Studio, you can launch campaigns in minutes rather than days, freeing up more time to focus on ways to connect with customers and reach marketing objectives. By making campaigns easier for everyone, Campaign Studio enables your existing staff to do more, rather than needing to hire additional resources to manage complex marketing technology.
  • Unparalleled access and use of data: As an open solution, Campaign Studio easily plugs into existing business systems and essential marketing technology, enabling you to get full value from your data to optimize communications with audiences based on their preferences and interests. Campaign Studio also makes it easy to adapt as technologies evolve, requirements change and business opportunities arise.
  • Get more done with less effort: Campaign Studio takes the complexity out of personalization, giving marketing teams greater flexibility to personalize everything from simple projects to sophisticated multichannel campaigns. With tools to create dynamic content across all communications channels, Campaign Studio gives marketers everything they need to plan and execute smarter strategies, build more creative campaigns and drive stronger relationships with customers.

Why choose Acquia for open source marketing automation?

As the marketing landscape and marketing technology continue to evolve at rapid speed, adopting open source solutions is the only way for marketing teams to keep pace and, even better, to lead the industry in creating better digital experiences. Only open architecture can easily bring together data and marketing technologies from disparate systems, creating new possibilities that can automate digital experiences at scale. With Campaign Studio from Acquia, marketers have the freedom and flexibility to use the best tools for the job, rather than being locked into a single suite.

Acquia is an open digital experience platform built on Drupal that combines Drupal marketing and Drupal personalization capabilities with tools for building better digital experiences, managing digital assets and orchestrating the customer journey. Together, Acquia and Campaign Studio form the only alternative to expensive, closed, stagnant marketing clouds, creating the industry’s first open source marketing automation and digital experience platform. 

FAQs: What is open source marketing automation?

What is open source marketing automation?

Marketing automation is technology that automates many of the tasks involved in creating, executing and reporting on marketing campaigns. By automating many formerly manual processes, marketing automation software enables teams to move more quickly and efficiently to generate and nurture leads, launch campaigns, personalize content, engage and retain customers and measure ROI.

Open source marketing automation is built on open source technology, rather than closed or proprietary solutions.

What is the benefit of open source marketing automation?

Open source marketing automation provides greater flexibility as marketing technologies, customer needs and marketing channels evolve. With an open source platform, companies can adapt their marketing automation platform to their changing needs, pulling data from a wider number of systems and connecting all the disparate technologies in their marketing stack.