Acquia Lift

Acquia Lift

Personalize the customer journey across every channel, unifying data from multiple sources

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Deliver progressive, personalized experiences across devices and channels

  • Track visitor behavior across devices and channels (web, mobile, email, social, etc.)
  • Merge anonymous and known visitor profiles to nurture prospects along their buying journey
  • Exchange data bidirectionally with third-party systems such as CRM, marketing automation, and commerce tools

Increase engagement, conversion, and customer satisfaction

  • Adaptively segment customers in real time to deliver customized experiences
  • Provide relevant content to increase clicks, signups, and downloads
  • Deliver personalized offers that increase purchase rates and values
  • Deliver differentiated experiences to existing customers to increase brand loyalty and customer lifetime value

Build personalized experiences using your existing content workflow

  • Avoid multiple content repositories or shadow CMS
  • Eliminate the need for separate personalization tools
  • Leverage content already at your fingertips in Drupal

One-size-fits-all experiences are a thing of the past

Create personalized, one-on-one relationships with your customers with Acquia Lift


Acquia Lift Features

  • lift-features-visitor.png

    Unified Visitor Profile

    Get a single, comprehensive view of each anonymous and known visitor’s historical and real-time activity across sessions and devices

  • lift-features-identity.png

    Visitor Identity Resolution

    Automatically merge anonymous and known visitor profiles as soon as visitors identify themselves

  • lift-features-omnichannel.png

    Omnichannel Integration

    Create unified visitor profiles based on data from multiple sources and deliver relevant experiences across channels—web, email, social, mobile, and more

  • lift-features-segmentation.png

    Real-time, Adaptive Segmentation

    Define visitor segments that adapt to changing behavior on the fly

  • lift-features-testing.png

    Testing and Targeting

    Auto-personalize based on optimal results of A/B tests using content in your existing Drupal workflow

  • lift-features-analyze.png

    Reporting and Analytics

    Turn insight into action with pre-built and custom reports that visualize segments, A/B testing results, personalization goal progression, and more

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