The right content in the right place

Lift makes it easier to navigate content through a complex network of sites. It’s one more reason why brands you know (and some you will) come to us for digital innovation.

Content in context
With Lift’s Content Hub, you can turn your website into a single distribution platform for all of your content. And all of it can be personalized to your audience.
Content in context - personalization
Personalized content, delivered seamlessly
You should never feel like you’re locked to any vendor. Experience Builder frees you up since it’s the only solution that personalizes content for any CMS. So switch when you need to, and relax.
Personalized content, delivered seamlessly

Let's talk about personalizing your content

Lift Features

Customer Profile

Get a single, comprehensive view of each anonymous and known visitor’s historical and real-time activity across sessions and devices. Available as a standalone product.

Content Hub

Aggregate, syndicate and discover content across a network of sites and channels.

Omnichannel Integration

Create unified visitor profiles based on data from multiple sources, and deliver relevant, personalized experiences across channels - web, email, social, mobile, and more.

Real-time, Adaptive Segmentation

Define visitor segments that adapt to changing user behavior on the fly.

Testing and Targeting

Auto-personalize based on optimized A/B test results using content in your existing Drupal workflow.

Reporting and Analytics

Turn insight into action with pre-built and custom reports that visualize segments, A/B testing results, goal progression, and more.