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Acquia Lift

Deliver contextualized experiences

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Put your customer data to work and improve insight across channels



Personalization solutions built into your workflow for busy marketers who need fast results



Deliver the content and products your users want now while discovering what they want next

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The Power of Personalization

Digital marketing teams are seeking competitive advantage through real-time, insight-driven interactions with their customers. Building a progressive profile about your visitors’ interests and behavior allows you to adapt your digital experience at an individual level resulting in significantly increased user engagement and conversion rates.

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What's inside


Acquia Lift ContextDB

Unify visitor intelligence and customer behavior from multiple channels and existing systems into a richer, progressive profile to drive contextual experiences in real-time.


Visitor Data Warehouse

An open, cloud-based data warehouse designed to turn your visitor data into actionable insight at scale.

Omni-channel Integration

Automate the capture of implicit and explicit data across all touchpoints to get an integrated view of your customer and deliver relevant communications across all channels.

How It Works

Create richer visitor profiles

Create a rich, complete view of your customer by collecting data from any channel including web, email marketing platforms, marketing automation tools, social platforms, call center transactions, and third-party and offline data sources.

Deliver cross-channel communications

Turn the collective insight from the progressive profile into action by triggering relevant communications for any channel.

Gain unified visitor intelligence

Put your data to work and visualize the insights with the analytics tool of your choice for improved targeting, segmentation, and maximum relevance.

What's inside

Acquia Lift Target

Grow revenue faster with digital experiences that convert. Target user segments, test experiences, and automatically implement the best results.



Automatically target site content to visitors using implicit and explicit signals such as geography, device, persona, interests and prior behavior.


Create A/B/n and multivariate tests that use adaptive learning to automatically determine the right content to promote.

How It Works

Better understanding your audience

Acquia Lift learns from the site journey of every visitor, from first point of interaction as an anonymous visitor through to becoming a repeat, loyal customer. Track across sessions and across devices. Capture implicit and explicit signals that are relevant to your goals.

Identify your most important segments

Build segments and personas based on any characteristics about your visitors that matter to you. Use real-time estimation tools to understand the size of your potential audience.

Run tests to deliver optimized content

Target content based on visitor segments or through automated algorithms. Display optimized content using A/B/n, multivariate, and automated testing.

What's inside

Acquia Lift Recommend

Use advanced algorithms to promote your best content recommendations and offers to keep your customers engaged and coming back.


Content recommendations

Promote and merchandise the content that your users are most likely to be interested in.


Automate the capture of implicit and explicit data across all touchpoints to get an integrated view of your customer and deliver relevant communications across all channels.

How It Works

Tailored to your digital experience

Define container overlays and embedded areas such as fly-outs, light box, or call-out for sites that work with the look-and-feel of any website.

Relevant, timely, and engaging content and offers for each visitor

Recommend content based on adaptive algorithms and show contextual offers based on segment and session activity.

See the results to refine and improve

Reports to continually optimize and improve the performance of your personalized digital experiences. See dramatic increases in conversion, clicks, or actions as a result of your content recommendations & offers.

Activate personalized digital experiences today