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Highlighted Features

User Friendly

Drag-and-drop functionality to build, preview, and launch personalizations.

Unified Data

A customer data repository that provides a single view of customers.

Target and Test

Real-time adaptive targeting refines segments while A/B keeps audiences engaged with content that resonates.

Single Tool

Create content, collect data, and build personalizations all within a single interface.

Machine Learning

Automatically recommend content based on what a user is currently viewing or has viewed in the past.

Built for Drupal

Lift’s Drupal integration results in richer data collection and simpler content creation for personalization.

Crawl, Walk, Run with Powerful Personalization

Content is a critical component of delivering personalized experiences that drive engagement, conversion, and loyalty. Organizations are at multiple stages of personalization strategy and maturity. Fortunately, we can support customers at any stage with our “crawl, walk, run” approach to personalization. Customers can “crawl” by collecting data and building visitor profiles, “walk” by delivering personalized website content, and “run” with custom hyper-targeted omnichannel, personalized experiences.

Let Your Data Do the Work

There’s a difference between delivering digital experiences based on your audience’s real preferences and just delivering content based on generic characteristics. Acquia Lift’s detailed, real-time data collection gives you the tools to engage the right audience at the right time and place based not only on characteristics, but user preferences. Lift aggregates visitor information from multiple channels and locations to create experiences that get more engaging and relevant over time.

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natively Integrated with AgilOne

Nativley integrated with AgilOne

Use deep, real-time insights from AgilOne to harness the powerful customer intelligence and deliver individually personalized web experiences. Leverage machine learning-driven insights such as predicted lifetime value or likelihood to engage Lift for segmentation and personalization. Collect and tie all web interaction insights back to the 360 profile for continuous personalization optimization.

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