Creating Customer Experiences in the Technology Industry

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Developments in technology have already transformed the digital experiences nearly every industry provides to their customers. Paradoxically, the technology industry itself is among the last to begin its own digital transformation. 

To catch up and keep pace with evolving expectations, technology professionals are working to offer the digital experiences customers want, on the platforms they prefer. 

A successful digital transformation even presents challenges for the innovators that created our most important technological advancements. Acquia’s innovation and strategy can help them deliver the experiences customers demands. Acquia’s digital experience platform combines Drupal, the state-of-the-art open source content management system, with enterprise marketing tools for personalization and omnichannel customer journey mapping.

Learn what our experts have to say about:

  • Implementing, optimizing and commercializing new technologies
  • The democratization of innovation
  • Shifting revenue models
  • The impact of continuous change
  • Changes in risk management

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